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    The week in review


    Edwina ShawThis week I was at the lovely Edwina Shaw’s book launch at Better Read Than Dead in Newtown (A lovely bookshop I confess I had never visited before but in my defense I live an hour away).
    It was a lovely evening and as well as Edwina I got to catch up with two of my lovely writing buddies from The Writers’ Dozen, Deborah Green and Pamela Cook.

    Aside from that most of my writing was for work which while lovely is a very different style of writing.

    On Thursday night I went to bookclub where the gorgeous girls discussed my book Mr Right and Other Mongrels. That was scary and exhilarating. It’s a bit of a tough crowd but they were very kind.

    We went here to Miss Marleys which was a fun venue. (They have artificial grass on the wall of the ladies room – you don’t see that every day). We chose the venue because it’s just around the corner from where Allegra’s bookshop would be and it was way too cold for some of the places featured in the book.

    Today I’m working on the edit of my next book Hearts’ Afire. Funny how there are always bits in you don’t remember writing and bits missing you’re sure you put in there. It happens to me with every book.