New release Friday December 2022

New Release Friday

Time for another New Release Friday- where did this month go?

A few of my author friends have had new releases in December. Check them out if you are looking for a new read.

I must admit I was a bit slack and didn’t keep track of the new release this month as well as usual so it’s a little light-on. And I was away in November…

Please note the books have varying heat levels so do your own due diligence.

New Year WishesNew Year Wishes: A festive second-chance romance novella

It’s December, and Daisy comes face-to-face with her ‘ghosts of kisses past’.

Never mind New Year’s resolutions – what she needs are New Year wishes. She’ll complete a list of tasks that pave the way for a fresh start, wishing away her past relationship mistakes. Including her yearning for the mysterious, gorgeous man she kissed on the night before New Year’s Eve eight years ago and never saw again… until now.

Charlie’s back in town, in the role of Santa. Could he have another chance with the magical, unforgettable woman he kissed all those years ago?

A short, sweet-ish festive second-chance romance novella set in an English seaside town, and written in British English.

Get it here.

FRiday inn Love



A girl couldn’t help spying sometimes. Surely if she ever met him, he’d understand…

Megan Macauley looks forward to her private rendezvous with her ridiculously hot, across-the-road-from-work neighbour. Every Friday morning, Megan and her inappropriate older colleague Jean, stop work on the company website to stare goggle-eyed at the vision of manly beauty in the apartment across the street. When he returns from his gym sessions and strips off his shirt, Megan can barely keep her tongue in her mouth. 

Megan didn’t mean to become a voyeur. It was an accident! She’s always had a feeling the situation might rear up and bite her. One Friday, fate proves her right. The hottie from across the road shows up at her office as the new auditor, in other words, the man with the power of hiring and firing. 

Cruz Ono is even more smouldering hot up close. A prime example of Japanese-Australian beefcake and smart as a whip. When he invites her to a private meeting, Megan nearly faints. He could either fire her or let her keep her annoying, underpaid job. Which would it be? 

When Cruz reveals he knows Megan has been watching him, she knows it could be the end of her career. But the way he smiles and flirts with her says it could be the start of something else…

Note: Friday I’m In Love is a short and sweet story or novelette of approx. 10,000 words. It is also available in the Hot In The City collection in both ebook and paperback.

Get it here

Un Match

Un Match – an opposites attract sports romance: An Arizona Rattlesnakes Novel (The Arizona Rattlesnakes Book 5)

I’ve got no choice. Women take one look at me and see someone they can use: for social status, for a good time, for my reputation in the NHL. I want to find a girl who can see beneath the surface and build a life with me. There’s only one way to get what I need, and that’s online.

Using my brother’s picture on the dating website.

@LadyGray is everything I’ve ever wanted and more. At least on the surface. The more I get to know her, the more I desire her, and I haven’t even seen her face.

I’ve got a problem.

There’s another woman, someone cute and adorable and funny as hell. But she’s a single mother, and after my own messed up childhood, I swore to myself I’d never get involved with them. Too bad she’s perfect.

Too bad I’m in this situation in the first place.

Un Match is book 5 in the Arizona Rattlesnakes series.

Get it Here

Bindarra Creek Christmas Series

Several of my author friends have books in the Bindarra Creek Christmas series – click the image below to check out the whole series.

Bindarra Creek Christmas


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