WOW! I really can’t believe it is Friday already. This week absolutely flew by.

A huge thank you to the lovely Juliet Madison who featured me on her blog this week as part of Mouthwatering May. Please check out the excerpt from Mr Right and Other Mongrels there if you haven’t already. Also please take a look at her terrific blog and some of the wonderful authors she has featured there.

On Wednesday I took my lovely daughter into a writing workshop run in conjunction with the Sydney Writers’ Festival. It was a wonderful workshop and she adored it. It was run by the wonderful Deborah Abela who writes terrific books for children. There were a couple of other similar workshops in the series and if you have a primary school aged child I really recommend having a look at next year’s program and signing your child up if they love to write.

Meanwhile I am doing the final work on the book getting it ready for e-publication next week. Like any new thing you take on it’s both exciting and a little terrifying but that’s good. A little bit of fear is a good thing in life. I’m really not one of life’s perfectionists (think of me as a big picture girl not details) so this is an exercise in discipline for me. I don’t like shoddy work but I just do better in broad brushstrokes.

At a talk last week a couple of authors were talking about how they hated the blank page but loved the editing and fine-tuning process. My friend Pam and I both said “Monique, you are totally the opposite!”

Anyway so far I’m on schedule to have the book ready next week so stay tuned for a final release date!

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