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Monique with Mr Right and Other Mongrels PostcardsPostcards Anyone?
As you can see I have some postcards for Mr Right and Other Mongrels. Lots of authors get bookmarks which I think are fabulous but a bookmark for an e-book is not so useful is it?

These have the cover design on the front and details of where you can get the book on the back.

If you’d like any leave me a message in the comments or e-mail me via the contact page.

Today I read some interesting things about e-publishing. Here are a few links.

This one explains twitter hashtags


About the Amazon algorithm – quite the enigma it seems.!/2012/06/amazons-ever-changing-algorithms-part.html

So much to learn.

Meanwhile, I really should be getting book number two ready to go as we wait for the print version of Mr Right and Other Mongrels but as so often happens, real life beckons.


6/19/2012 10:16:11 am

I would love a postcard or two if you have any left! 🙂
6/19/2012 04:12:57 pm

No problem Aimee just send me your address via the contact page and I’ll post them off
6/21/2012 03:36:26 am

Left it there. 🙂

6/21/2012 02:27:28 am

These are some great links! I’ve been reading through them this morning.

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