A few things I found on the web

Look PictureToday I thought I would post links to a few sites and articles I found on the web because well, I thought some of you might find it useful or interesting.

The Book Muse – I only recently found this site but I think it has lots of very useful information and articles.

This is Writers Digest. It’s a wonderful site and they have terrific articles. This one is on the very thing I hate most about writing – THE SYNOPSIS. My condition is terminal but this may save you.

This site – Women On Writing has some really great articles, information, courses and opportunities.

If you are a member of the Romance Writers of Australia and can’t go to the conference you can sign up for the Claytons Conference. I’ve never done this but I hear only wonderful things about it. I will be at the conference so if you will be too let me know I’d love to meet you.

I hope some of you find them interesting.

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