Secondary or minor characters – such fun!


Question Mark and PenI was thinking yesterday about the role secondary or minor characters play in stories and how much fun some of them are.

Pride and Prejudice has all those sisters and relatives for example. Where would the story be without Lydia? Little Women well yes it is Jo’s story but imagine it without Beth or Amy. It just doesn’t work does it?

I love writing minor characters who come in with their energy and opinions and turn people’s lives upside down.

In Mr Right and Other Mongrels Justin (who is very loosely based on a wonderful friend of mine – just by way of personality) is one of my favourite characters by far. I also adore Teddy’s parents Joyce and Bob. I named them after a friend of mine’s equally lovely parents (that’s the full extent of the resemblance as, for example my friend, and her whole family are American).

Main characters have to sustain a whole story but minor characters, who of course have their own stories off page, can be as outrageous or gentle as you please and unlike the prtagonists you don’t need to keep throwing trouble at them.

So today’s question is…who are some of your favourite secondary or minor characters in fiction?

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