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Mr Right and Other Mongrels Blog Tour Promo
It’s the most beautiful sunny day here in Sydney. It’s just gorgeous actually. Yes, it’s the middle of winter which is REALLY not my favourite time of year but the sunshine makes it all seem like Spring surely can’t be too far away. (This is an illusion of course but I’ll take it).

I’m taking a break today (even though I really shouldn’t) to have lunch with a good friend for her birthday. we’re having lunch down by the beach. I can’t wait!

As you can see from the picture beside me I have a blog tour scheduled next week.

I’ll post more details as we get closer but for the sticky-beaks out there here is the schedule.

I also need to get working on my pitch for the RWA Conference. I’m pitching a really fun chick lit book. Well I think it’s fun. Unlike most of my books it is not set here in Australia but set in New York.

New York is fun. I was there for exactly 2 days last year. It wasn’t quite long enough with an ten year-old in tow (especially one who has just spent a week in the pristine calm and cleanliness of DisneyWorld. she has a bit of culture shock). We did the express tour which was a shame. We didn’t get to catch up with anyone in or near the area that we knew. Next time!

This weekend I will be working on my pitch. Writing some posts for the blog tour and hopefully finishing the edit for Hearts Afire so I can hand it off to my editor. That sounds rather ambitious. I better enjoy that lunch today.

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