What a weekend!


I’m sitting at the Gold Coast airport waiting for my delayed flight home after an exhilirating and exhausting weekend at the Romance Writers of Australia Conference.

My goodness it was full-on! Then again it always was.

The highlights were many and varied and frankly I’m a little bit too tired to remember them all clearly right now.

I think it was my favourite conference so far. There was a really wonderful energy in the place and people were so very friendly. I met loads of lovely new people (a low-light was there were people I’ve met online that I really wanted to have a proper chat with in person who I missed!) I also met a women I worked with twenty years ago and another girl who was a journalist reporting on the conference who recognised me from 25 years ago at University. It’s not a bad thing to be told you look exactly the same now as then. (I know she was being kind but I’ll take it).

There were some really wonderful sessions and maybe I’m getting better at picking and choosing because everything I went to was really useful for me where I am on my journey. I felt like I got lots and lots out of the sessions. I’ll be sure to post more details of some of the sessions and useful resources once my brain recovers. (I couldn’t sleep last night as I was re-working some plot problems in one of my manuscripts).

It was a wonderful experience all round. So..more to follow….Time to go home!

Airplane - Gold Coast Airport

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