More photos of scenes from Mr Right and Other Mongrels


Sydney Ferry - Harbour BridgeYesterday I was on Sydney Harbour catching ferries to and from various commitments. I must say the ferry is my absolutely favourite form of transport.

Anyway it just so happened that I was going to be able to see some of the sights and images from Mr Right and Other Mongrels so, committed blogger that I am I made sure I had my camera with me.






Sydney Luna Park
So, if you’ve read the novel you might recognise that Teddy and Allegra went on a date that involved a walk across the Harbour Bridge, a lunch and ferris wheel. And here it is.

This is Sydney’s Luna Park. Melbourne has one too. It’s a fun park. What were they thinking at the time you do have to wonder? That iconic face is the stuff nightmares are made of.






Sydney Luna Park Ferris WheelAnd again from a different angle.
I did make my husband recreate this date one day…well different restaurant, same idea. It was a good date. You have to admire my commitment to authenticity!

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