My quiz answers and the week ahead…


I’d really quite like to be on that hammock right now. I would love to lie there with a good book (any suggestions will be taken on board) and a pretty cocktail with an umbrella on the side but sometimes that’s just not how life rolls.

Instead it’s a standard winter Sunday morning here in Sydney. I am home alone but I have writing to d for both my day job and on my books. Instead of a cocktail I’ll have a coffee, it is after not quite 11am.

First here are my quiz answers….you can still enter until Monday.

1. Mountain or sea? Sea (not so many mountains available here.)
2. Ocean or lake? Ocean though I do very much like lakes.
3. Blue eyes or brown? Blue
4. Martini or daiquiri? Daiquiri, though either is fine.
5. e-book or paperback? this one’s tough, I still prefer paper…but I probably read more e-books.
6. Coffee or tea? Another tough one but I’d have to say coffee
7. Chips or cake? Chips every time.
9. Red wine or white? Red
10. Dinner or dessert? Dinner

This week I have some author interviews coming up. I’m also hoping to preview an excerpt of Hearts Afire. The cover is not far off. Oh yes and I will be adding another chapter to my online interactive novel The Art of Romance which has been very neglected of late.

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