2013 the writing year that was


Mr Right and Other MongrelsIt’s New Year’s Eve and as we all know it’s a time for reflection if we choose to let it be.
Looking back on my year a whole lot happened in the writing zone for me.

I blogged pretty much the whole year and with pretty consistently. Along the way I got to meet and interview loads of wonderful authors and grill them about their writing process and learn about their books so that was a whole lot of fun.

In May of course, I launched my first book Mr Right and Other Mongrels which was quite a trip! It’s been en entirely positive experience and I learnt so much from going through it.

I also learnt that even you would think getting the second book out afterwards would be easier – surely I learnt something from the first one – that was not the case and Hearts Afire ended up taking three extra months to hit the shelves as a result of a series of delays. That’s why when people ask me when is the next book out I’m now very reluctant to say a date or even a month out loud because I’m now aware that I could be speaking nonsense.





Hearts AfireAnyway Hearts Afire eventually hit the shelves in October and that has been a whole lot of fun as well.

Thanks to all of you who bought, reviewed, blogged, tweeted or shared the news of my books to the universe. I deeply appreciate your support.

I’ve learnt a bit more about promotion via social media along this journey and have met some amazing people out there in cyber-space which has been lots of fun. I’ve met some wonderful authors and some cool readers as well.

I’ve also done lots of wonderful things as part of my writing year. I had a great weekend away with members of my writing group back in February.

I attended several events at the Sydney Writers’ Festival in May and hung with some wonderful friends and authors.

I went to the Gold Coast for the RWA in August where I had an amazing time and met some wonderful authors – some whom I had ‘met’ in cyber space and some who were entirely new to me. It was a wonderful experience.

I’ve also been lucky enough to attend book launches for several old friends this year including Edwina Shaw and Pamela Cook.




So if 2012 was anything to go by I expect to have an exciting time in 2013!

Here are a few snapshots of the year that was.

Writer Friends Group PhotoSome of the Writers’ Dozen in Milton in February for a writing retreat.

Monique McDonell Kindle Digital Launch Mr Right and Other Mongrels
Virtual book launch for Mr Right and Other Mongrels.

Hearts Afire Paperback Cover Preview
Hearts Afire paperbacks!

Favel, Monique McDonell and Edwina Shaw

Catch up with Favel Parrett and Edwina Shaw in Sydney. Two of the Joondi 8.

Pamela Cook and Monique McDonell at Book Launch for Blackwattle Lake

With the lovely Pamela Cook at her December book launch.

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