Musical Monday – redemptive love


Alphabet Dating CoverHappy Monday all. it’s a gloriously sunny day in Sydney. I started my day writing which is always a lovely thing.

I was listening to the radio yesterday as I drove along and it got me thinking about Musical Monday for this week and what the theme would be.

Then I heard a song that had my mind wandering to when love is redemptive.

I hope somewhere the knowledge that you can’t change someone by loving them has filtered through to the women of the world – I’m sure Dolly, Cleo, Cosmo and Redbook have all done more than enough articles on the topic to last a lifetime.

That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about when someone decides for themselves that they need to change or they will lose the girl or guy of their dreams.

One is “If I love him enough maybe he will give up heroin/drag-racing/karaoke.”
The other is. “This heroin/drag-racing/karaoke is killing me and that lady is going to leave me because I’m ruining both our lives…time to stop. Maybe when I stop she’ll reconsider me.”

So here are a couple of songs to get you pondering that theme as well.

First up we have this one from M People – I just adore this woman’s voice.
Hoobastank’s The Reason…this is a great one on the topic. Let the lyrics speak for themselves.

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