I only have five minutes, I can’t do anything – oh yes you can!


5 things any writer can do if they only have 5 minutes
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We are all time poor and as writers we often struggle to find balance between the writing, the promotion, the social media and our real lives.
“I don’t have enough time” is almost a mantra we use in modern society. It’s true that if you want to write, a five minute interval really isn’t much use, but what about all the other stuff? What about the horrible nitty-gritty little jobs we put off until we have a long, long list we can’t even stand looking at. Lots of those things are simple five minute jobs.

1. Create a social media post

The truth is it really does only take 5 minutes to put a post on Facebook. You can ask a question and add a photo (I just did the one above) and if you have it set up correctly it will link to Twitter as well. You’d really done two things in under 5 minutes.

2. Schedule some social media for when you can’t be around
Pop on to Hootsuite or Tweetdeck or whatever social media scheduling platform you use and schedule a post for tonight or tomorrow or some other time you know you will be busy. You can write something about where you’ll be or what’s happening with your life, but you can also link to an old blog post.

3. Share the love
Social media is about being social. Take the 5 minutes and visit the Facebook page, Amazon author page or blog of an author or other person you follow. Leave a comment, like their page, send them a message. Or you could go and retweet their lastest tweet. Do something for someone else. You can easily do that in 5 minutes. It will make someone’s day and create good will.

If you follow hashtags on Twitter such as #MondayBlogs or #BYNR or #Fridayreads go and have a look at who is tweeting what in that hastag

4. Ask for a review or guest blog spot
If you are a writer you probably have a list of people you need to approach for a review or you’ve discovered a new blog you think will help you reach your audience. So take 5 minutes and write to the blogger of reviewer in a quick email. You have your book cover and blurb already to attach. You know what you want to say. You can do that in 5 minutes.

5. Make a list
Grab a pen and paper or which ever app you use for lists and make a list. Here are 5 you can write in under 5 minutes:
a basic to do list
a list of blog posts you’ve already written that you could re-share on social media
a list of blog topics to write in the future
a list of Facebook posts
a list of people who have supported you who you could show some social media love to with a Facebook share, retweet or some other social media engagement.


Sandie Docker
7/29/2015 12:43:23 pm

Such good tips. It’s so easy to make excuses not to do things because there’s no time. There’s always something you can do.
7/29/2015 01:09:33 pm

I agree Sandy. Sometimes all we have is 5 minutes but we can usually find something constructive to do with them.

Julie Valerie @Julie_Valerie
7/29/2015 01:17:29 pm

WOW. This is such a fabulous list. Imagine what 5 days of doing these 5 things would look like – a whole lotta stuff getting accomplished, that’s for sure.

Great list. Awesome list. (Any chance you’ll brainstorm another list?) So incredibly helpful and such great ideas!
7/29/2015 01:32:10 pm

Julie I will brainstorm another list – maybe a 10/15 minute list. I often have 15 minutes….

Melissa Field
7/29/2015 02:34:13 pm

These are great tips, even for when I do have time!!! Social media is something I often blow off because I simply don’t feel like it. When I think of it as a five minute daily investment, then it feels much more enjoyable. Thank you!
7/29/2015 03:13:21 pm

I agree Melissa it can be overwhelming – social media feels like a merry-go-round that never stops spinning. Breaking it down into small achievable tasks really helps.

Sandrine Piat
7/30/2015 01:28:21 am

Wow! what great advice – and it actually feels like its really do-able 🙂 I have to admit that I am definitely one of those people who never have time to do anything and when you break it up that way, it really seems like there is a little time to fit everything in. Thank you 🙂

Pauline Wiles
7/30/2015 01:46:54 am

Loved this post! I am constantly telling myself that a small amount of time is not enough to get anything worthwhile done, and of course that’s just not true. I’d love to see your 15-minute list. Meanwhile, I’ll be sharing this one.

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