A video interview with my book cover designer Erin Cawood about the design process


Snowbound - CoverI am so excited today to have Erin Cawood on the blog. Erin has done the cover for Snowbound, A Chicklit Christmas Novella which releases this week.

I absolutely love this cover. It really captures the feel and the essence of the book, which is what you always hope for when you set out to have a cover designed.

Erin has made a video talking you through her design experience and how we worked together to come up with the design which I think you will find really interesting.

Erin lives in the UK and I live in Australia so we’ve never met in real life so seeing her on video was extra fun for me. (Don’t you just love how the internet makes it possible for us to collaborate with people who live a world away?)

This isn’t the first cover Erin and I have done together, she did all my Upper Crust Series Covers as well, but this is our first illustrated cover together.

I really hope you enjoy the video and if you are an author I highly recommend getting in touch with Erin to look at working with her.


Fall in Love with the Upper Crust Series Banner - Original Covers


Terri Green
11/22/2016 01:16:36 pm

Love the cover for snowbound and very interesting to hear how the collaboration process comes together.

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