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    Welcome to the Here Comes The Bride Blog Hop
    Hearts Afire
    here we are on the first hop of the Here Comes The Bride Blog Hop. Please stop by all of the stops on the hop this week (details at the bottom) and be sure to enter our competition to win copies of ebooks from all five authors on the hop.


    Character interview with Cassie Callahan from Hearts Afire.

    Let’s find out a little bit about Cassie and her wedding day.
    Were you nervous on the big day?
    Actually I really wasn’t nervous at all, I thought I was marrying someone who really got me. I guess that shows what I knew because my fiancé called to say he’d changed his mind on the morning of the wedding and he wasn’t coming.

    Then I was more mad than nervous.

    Did anything go wrong?
    You heard what I just said right? I was jilted on the day of my wedding. Still that actually wasn’t the worst thing that happened that day, believe it or not. I’m a caterer so I decided to cater my own wedding (okay in hindsight maybe not a great idea) and in all the fuss my sister left the stove on and the kitchen caught fire so the fire brigade turned up. I think the real question should be – did anything go right that day?

    Be honest were you a total bridezilla? (Or do you have a Bridezilla story?)
    It turned out was not even a little bit bridezilla, in fact my fiancé chose my wedding dress – maybe he was a groomzilla. Is that a thing? It should be. I am a caterer so I have dealt with my fair share of highly string brides so I think that made me extra anxious about not being one.

    Bridesmaids, how many is too many?
    Well I was only having two, my sister (more about her later) and my best friend Miranda. I think even one bad bridesmaid is one bridesmaid too many. I never wanted to be like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias…so many bridesmaids.

    You can’t have a wedding without family – how did yours behave in the lead-up to the wedding or on the day?
    I don’t have much family. My parents were killed when I was a teenager so it’s always been my sister and I…she set the kitchen on fire and then came with me on my solo honeymoon with me (may as well use the tickets). However she abandoned me on the honeymoon so all in all I guess my family didn’t exactly have my back.

    Are you still a believer in the happily ever after?
    You know what a funny thing happened since my botched wedding day. I’ve started to see that maybe I was with the wrong guy all along and that maybe the right guy isn’t too far away at all.

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    Guest Post and character interview from Caroline Fardig – author of Bad Medicine the latest Lizzie Hart Mystery


    The Lizzie Hart Mysteries Banner
    Character interview—Blake Morgan

    CF: Thanks for sitting down with me for an interview today, Blake.

    Blake: It’s my pleasure to be here. *Grins* Maybe we could have a drink later. You know, after the interview. See where the evening takes us.

    CF: Thanks for the offer, but I’m married. Then again, I’ve heard that doesn’t stop you.

    Blake: Ouch. Have you been talking to Lizzie Hart?

    CF: She and I are tight. I interviewed her a while back. She’s a bit of a firecracker.

    Blake: She’s certainly infuriating at times.

    CF: Wow. Maybe we’d better stay on topic. What do you do at the Liberty Chronicle?

    Blake: *Puffs out chest* I’m the lead investigative reporter. I write hard-hitting stories and exposés, giving our readers the information they need to know.

    CF: Is there really that much to report about in Liberty? Aren’t there better news stories elsewhere?

    Blake: You’d think that, but there is definitely an undercurrent of danger here. With all of the craziness that’s happened lately, the stories are just as juicy as those I reported in Chicago.

    CF: So you’re not a local? Why move to Liberty of all places from Chicago?

    Blake: No, I’m not a local, but my father grew up here. I moved to Liberty to handle my ailing grandfather’s estate. I could probably move back now that I have everything in order, but there’s something about this town that makes me want to stick around for a while.

    CF: Does that something rhyme with Lizzie?

    Blake: Maybe we should stay on topic here.

    CF: Right. Sorry. So how do you go about investigating a story?

    Blake: I employ several different tactics to gather my information. Of course, there’s always simply interviewing people close to the situation. I have an in with the Liberty Police Department, so sometimes I can get access to semi-classified information. If all else fails, I have some rather sophisticated surveillance equipment at my disposal.

    CF: That last part sounds marginally legal at best.

    Blake: You say potato, I say you can’t sit around and wait for the story to come to you.

    CF: Okay, then. Maybe we’ll quit talking about your work for a while. What do you like to do for fun?

    Blake: Well, I was going to show you later after we get that drink…

    CF: I think we’re done here.

    Bad Medicine - Cover
    BAD MEDICINE is the third book in THE LIZZIE HART MYSTERIES series.

    What do a smokin’ hot detective, an evil chiropractor, and a couple of blind dates from hell have in common?

    Lizzie has to wrangle them all in the third book of THE LIZZIE HART MYSTERIES series!

    Book Description:

    Lizzie Hart is overjoyed that six whole months have passed without a single murder in the sleepy town of Liberty. It’s also been six months since Blake Morgan heartlessly dumped her, but she’s determined to get over him. She’s slimmed down, ready to party, and injury-free, except for a little nagging pain in her ankle. She’s also very single, but her friends are doing everything in their power to fix that—including setting her up on one disastrous blind date after another.

    Lizzie’s reprieve is short-lived when an old friend of hers is found dead from an apparent drug overdose. She wants to write it off as bad behavior after having seen the guy cheating on his wife with the new chiropractor in town. However, when she sees that same chiropractor playing doctor with another man who ends up dead, she worries there could be murder afoot.

    Doing her best to stay on the right side of the law this time, Lizzie decides to go straight to the police with her suspicions. Unfortunately, the only cop available to speak with her is the stern yet hot new detective who has already given her a traffic ticket and a reprimand for public intoxication. Not surprisingly, he brushes her off, leaving her no choice but to begin snooping on her own. Lizzie soon learns she’s going to need help to get to the bottom of this mystery, but her best partner in crime solving, Blake, has turned into her worst enemy.

    Can Lizzie and Blake find a way to work together to catch the killer…or will they kill each other first?
    Buy link:

    Caroline FardigAbout the Author:

    CAROLINE FARDIG is the author of the LIZZIE HART MYSTERIES series and the forthcoming DEATH BEFORE DECAF, available November 2015 through Random House. Her eclectic working career included occupations of schoolteacher, church organist, insurance agent, funeral parlor associate, and stay-at-home mom before she realized that she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, Fardig still lives in that same town with an understanding husband, two sweet kids, two energetic dogs, and one malevolent cat.







    Social Media:





    Mailing List:


    Twitter: @carolinefardig




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    For #ChickLitMay a character Interview with Dorsey Bing from The Divorced Not Dead Workshop by CeCe Osgood.


    The Divorced Not Dead Workshop - CoverToday for ChickLit Month we have a character Interview with Dorsey Bing from THE DIVORCED NOT DEAD WORKSHOP by CeCe Osgood

    1.Describe yourself.

    Body wise, I’m five-sixish with butterscotch hair and I’m a tad overweight at the moment. Too much stress eating after getting dumped, which I’m not talking about, well, not much. Mentally, I’m on a quest to get my, um, crap, together, which includes trying to put together a workshop to “desuckify” guys.

    2. Do you have any pets?

    Right now, I’ve got one bossy cat I rescued who counts me as his minion. When I lived in San Antonio, Spotty McSpotty, my neighbors’ Dalmatian used to come over to my house and keep me company after I had a car accident. We’d watch movies together. His favorite was 101 Dalmatians, of course. Mine was, um, is Bridget Jones’s Diary.

    3. What was high school like for you?

    Well, I wasn’t popular or a prep or a jock or a cheerleader. More of a geek and a loner I guess. I liked history and literature and my mother got me interested in psychology. I did help out with a few musicals for theater class, mainly dancing in the chorus line.

    4. What was your first job?

    Caring for tomato and pepper plants for Mrs. Chapa, an elderly neighbour we met when Mom and I first moved to L.A. She paid me to plant and water and weed her tomato and pepper plants since she couldn’t bend because of bad knees. She paid me three dollars a week, if the plants lived and grew. During a heat wave one week, I lost quite a few and my mom made me return two bucks to her.

    5. What are your flaws and your strengths?

    I have too many flaws to count. Seriously. I can over react to things and say stuff I should keep to myself. Sometimes I’m a candy-ass people pleaser, and boy does that get me in trouble. I jump to conclusions when I should take a few deep breaths and cool off. As for strengths, I’m an idea person. I get them all the time. I’m glad I do. The problem is I have zero follow through. I don’t take action and then my ideas drift away. I’m learning how not to do that now. I learning how not diminish my idea so I don’t have any energy left to go forward with it.

    6. What scares you?

    Getting stuck in a rut scares me and I’m beginning to think I’m a commitment phobe, and why not since my love life had been so disastrous. I’m also really scared of being an idea person who never, ever acts on her ideas. That could be an epic fail, and a very sad life.

    7. Tell us about your love life.

    I believe there’s only one word to describe it at the moment: sucks.

    Right out of college I married Evan and thought it would last forever. It didn’t. And that experience kept me from getting seriously involved for five years with anyone else. Then I met Theo and It really seemed to me like we were ready to connect and take it to the next level, and then he walked out on me without a word. Arrgh. Men. They drive me crazy.

    8. Okay, well then how about this one. Have you ever broken the law?

    I’ve gotten four speeding tickets driving through Texas. In LA, I once rolled through a stop sign while looking at this beautiful Australian shepherd and a cop nailed me for a moving violation. My friend Pilar and I had a quarrel during a shopping trip and I ran after her, forgetting I hadn’t yet paid for the sweater I’d tried on. Security came after me and I was sure I’d be arrested. Luckily, I’d dropped my purse on the countertop during the quarrel and when I ran after Pilar so I told the cop. Then Pilar assured the shop’s owner that leaving my purse meant I was coming back to pay for the sweater. She can talk anyone into anything, that girl.

    9. She sounds like a great friend. How long have you known her?

    We met freshman year in college and have been buddies ever since. We shared classes in psychology and have gone through some tough times together, especially during my divorce and the birth of her son Todd. I think those tough times made us even closer.

    10. What the worst thing you’ve done while drunk?

    During my freshman year in college, Pilar and I drove to Rosarito Beach to spend spring break week in a condo with two other friends. The first day we had sangrias at breakfast and margaritas at lunch. Then we decided to order the diablo margaritas while we stretched out on beach towels under the blazing sun. When we woke up we were both crispy bright orange and howling in pain. For the rest of the week, we stayed in our darkened room, lathering aloe vera lotion on and listening to the party going on all around us.

    11.Do you cook? If so, what’s your favorite meal to make?

    I go for simple food for the most part. Tacos are easy, so is grilled cheese but for a special treat I’ll make shrimp curry. It’s not as good as the curry I’ve had in Thai and Indian restaurants, but it hits the spot, especially when I use coconut milk and lime.

    12. Who is your favorite villain on TV?

    That little twerp King Joffrey in Game of Thrones made me want to throttle him. Eli Gold in The Good Wife isn’t really a villain but I love his deviousness, and, of course, there’s Olivia Pope’s mother and father in Scandal…yikes what a marriage that must’ve been.

    13 .If an actress played you in a movie who would it be?

    Emma Stone. Those big eyes and that great throaty voice. My own voice pitches too high, so I’d love a deeper, sexier voice.

    14. Bellini or margarita?

    I love both, but I recently had a Bellini that won me over. Super-fantastic.

    15. Do you prefer boxers or briefs?

    Depends on the man but I gotta say boxers do turn me on.

    16. Swimming or volleyball?

    Swimming because I like the zone you get into if you’re in a lap pool.

    17. Who do you share your secrets with? Pilar and my other BFF, Mimi.

    We’re the three musketeers… without swords or candy bars.

    18. Are you ready to fall in love again?

    That’s a tricky question. I think I am. But until you’re out there in the world and being open to the vibes, well, you don’t know for sure. I’ve learned that even though you might say you want something, your actions tell the real story. Don’t you think?


    Divorced five years and recently dumped by Theo, Dorsey Bing brainstorms about a dating workshop for divorced people. Too bad she’s an idea person with zero follow-through. That changes when her pal, Pilar, sets up the workshop, puts herself in charge and gets Dorsey to be her “gofer.” Dorsey’s widowed stepfather Ralph, and his bride-to-be, Audrey, ask Dorsey to join their wedding cruise to Cabo, which will be held on the same weekend. Dorsey and Pilar nip that problem by holding the workshop during the cruise. But do things ever work out as planned. No. No, they don’t.

    Everything goes topsy-turvy with a startling mishap, rebellious workshop attendees and the arrival of Audrey’s good-looking but wily nephew Finn. More trouble comes with the unexpected re-appearance of Theo. Will Dorsey and Theo revive their relationship or will she discover Finn isn’t who she thinks he is? Facing failure and heartbreak, Dorsey must tackle her biggest challenge if she’s to win the love, and life, she’s always desired.




    CeCe OsgoodAbout CeCe Osgood

    CeCe Osgood lives in Texas after many years in LA working in the film industry. Her writing career includes magazine articles and screenplays as well as being a freelance script analyst (main client HBO). She also has had two screenplays optioned.

    Being a novelist has been her lifelong dream, and now it’s becoming her reality. Her debut novel, THE DIVORCED NOT DEAD WORKSHOP, a romantic comedy with a whopping side dish of chick lit aka lighthearted women’s fiction, is about dating after divorce. She loves red wine and hates pretzels. See more about her at http://www.ceceosgood.com


    5/6/2014 11:16:24 am

    I loved this book! So funny and insightful and I’ve used some of the dating tips from the “workshop.” Really a delight!

    Beverly Houston
    5/7/2014 02:39:14 am

    Okay, after reading this interview, I have got to read the book!
    Great writing!

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    Character interview with Teddy Green from Mr Right and Other Mongrels for #chicklitlove !


    Jamie DurieToday as part of #chicklitlove we are getting to know Teddy Green, lifestyle TV guru, who recently had an unexpected encounter with Allegra (who you met on Monday) from

    Mr Right and Other Mongrels.


    Ok, Teddy, here we go…

    Celebrity you’ve been told you look like:

    Hmm there’s an Aussie guy I look a bit a like or so they say but I don’t see it. His name is Jamie Durie. (That’s him in the photo.)

    Naughty food you like to indulge in:

    I’m not one of these guys who watches what they eat. I work hard and I exercise so if I want a burger and chips at the end of the day I’ll have it. I like to eat healthy but I don’t sweat that stuff too much. Life is too short to deny yourself all the time.

    What you wear to bed:

    Well nothing is my preferred option or when I’m travelling which I do a lot, boxers, just in case. You only need to be scrambling for clothes in a dark hotel room when the fire alarm goes once to embrace the idea of sleeping in something.

    Favorite body part of the opposite sex:

    I’ve got to be honest with you, there isn’t much about the opposite sex I don’t like but if I have to pick one, I’m probably a boob guy.

    How many people you’ve said “I love you” to: Well now there have only been two now, if you don’t count my lovely mother.

    Relationship deal-breaker:

    I like honesty and I don’t like to be manipulated. My last girlfriend was highly manipulative so I’m not falling for that again.

    Your first kiss – How old were you? Did you instigate it?: Wow, that was in Primary School with MaryAnne Mosely. She kissed me I think, but maybe she remembers it differently.

    Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If so, describe: Actually I don’t. My mother basically said she’d kill me, and while I know I’m a grown up and it is my body, I don’t like to upset my mum.

    Favorite alcoholic drink: I work outside in the garden on my TV show and so we get pretty hot. You can’t beat a long cold beer at the end of a hot day’s work.

    Describe your dream girl: I think I’ve just met her. Dark hair, a sweet smile, a curvy body and the soul of an angel.


    I hope you’re enjoying the #chiclitlove posts this week… visit my author page to see all my novels.
    #ChickLitLove Banner

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    Character Interview with Allegra Johnson from Mr Right and Other Mongrels


    ChickLitLove Promo BannerAs part of #ChickLitLove (oragnised by the wonderful ladies at @ChickLitChat) I’m taking part in some fun events here on the blog and on twitter this week.

    Today in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day we have a Q&A with Allegra from Mr Right and Other Mongrels. Although a true romantic Allegra hasn’t exactly been lucky in love so let’s get her thoughts on romance, shall we?

    1)What three qualities do you find most attractive in a partner?
    I find stability very attractive, I had kind of a bumpy childhood so I like a bit of consistency in my men. I’m big on loyalty because I’ve been burned before and I’m not looking to go through that again. Finally I like some good old fashioned manners and courtesy, that might not be fashionable but then I’m not really the most fashion forward girl on the planet.

    2) What’s your idea of romance?
    Romance is walking hand in hand on the beach under the moonlight. However, once you get past that initial blush it is also about showing up, remembering the details and creating a life together. I’m kind of a hopeless romantic. I want a happily ever after, but I’m not exactly expecting one.

    3) Who’s your favorite on-screen couple (Film or TV)?
    You know I did have quite an obsession with Carol and Mike Brady for a while. It was a pity he was gay and she was dating her eldest son off screen, that kind of ruined it. Still, on screen, I loved the way they had such a united approach to their kids and family, plus their colour coordinated flares gave them a touch of something special.

    4) What’s been your most embarrassing moment in regards to the opposite sex?
    One embararssing moment? You want me to choose just one? Seriously most of my encounters with the opposite sex are embarassing…can we please talk about something else?

    5) What was your first impression of your partner or crush? How accurate was it?
    You know I’m very embarassed to say that I didn’t recognise him when I saw him the second time (or the first, apparently everyone in Australia but me would have instantly known him). Admittedly I was quite focussed on having a panic attack and getting away from the humiliation that caused the first time I met him so I did avoid looking at him and eye contact. Still, he’s so cute and my goodness that smile, I don’t know how even I managed to forget that face.

    6) How have you coped with break-ups in the past?
    WOW, do we have to talk break-ups? My last break up was very, very awkward. I caught my boyfriend sleeping with someone, I can’t even tell you who, it’s too awful (if you read the book you’ll understand why). So I just kind of went into a bit of a funk, swore off men and made a nice neat life for myself that revolved around my friends and my business.

    7) Which hot actor would you want to be stranded on a deserted island with and why?
    I like old movies, anything vintage works for me, so I think Cary Grant and I would probably have a fine time on a deserted island. I don’t think we’d last long but we’d look stylish as we went.

    8) What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

    I haven’t really done anything crazy for love yet but I have a feeling Teddy Green, who is also in Mr Right and Other Mongrels is going to have me going all kinds of crazy.

    9) PDA: How much is acceptable?
    I’m not really all that good with PDA’s for myself. I mean you may go right ahead and snog whomever you like where ever you like, I grew up on a commune so I have seen it all before and I’m not here to judge. Personally when I’m in a relationship I’m more of a hand holding in public and peck on quick kiss on the lips girl, I think some things are just between the two people involved.

    10) What is the best relationship advice you’ve ever gotten?
    The best relationship advice I’ve been given – I just don’t know. I think it is follow your heart, but I don’t exactly trust my heart so it’s quite hard to know where to follow it to.


    Allegra Holding Books IllustrationI hope you enjoyed reading my answers. I think my new boyfriend Teddy will be sharing some of his thoughts on women later this week.









    Mr Right and Other Mongrels

    Available at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0086L8NBS

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    Guest post & character interview by author of The Family You Choose, Deborah Nam-Krane


    Deborah Nam-KraneToday’s Guest post is by Deb Nam-Krane. Her new book The Family You Choose was released this week.

    This is a character interview….take a look.
    Character Interview between Zainab and Emily

    Emily, the star of The Smartest Girl in the Room, spent a lot of time trying to do damage control in the aftermath of what happened to her best friend Zainab Oginabe-Kensit. Z, as she’s otherwise known to her friends, is doing just fine. In fact, she’s better than fine; she’s in a stable and loving relationship with Richard Hendrickson. But although the drama isn’t circling around her this time, her jaw is going to drop more than a couple of times in The Family You Choose.

    Zainab sits down with Emily to walk us through a little bit of what we can expect in The Family You Choose.

    EMILY: So the good news is that things are settled with you, right?

    ZAINAB: [beams] Richard and I are going strong. There were a couple of rough days after Michael accidentally told me about the drugs, but I understand why Richard- and you- kept me in the dark. You just have to not do it again.

    EMILY: [holds up hands] You got it. And at least that freak Michael’s out of the picture now.

    ZAINAB: Yeah, I don’t know if I’d say that…

    EMILY: Didn’t Miranda get him to leave?

    ZAINAB: [sighs] Miranda’s not the one who got him to leave. She told Alex to make him go away, but Michael does what Michael wants to do.

    EMILY: But isn’t Alex this scary, powerful guy?

    ZAINAB: [scoff] Apparently the only guy he doesn’t scare is Michael. Richard once told me that Michael knows exactly which of Alex’s buttons to push whenever he needs something.

    EMILY: You sound pretty frustrated…

    ZAINAB: Look, I’ve never had a problem with Michael, but I suspect it’s because Richard told Michael he would break his fingers if he ever bothered me. He’s made Richard’s life difficult, but Richard will be the first one to tell you that he made Miranda’s life a living hell. He’s back, and it’s going to be bad.

    EMILY: Can’t she get away from him?

    ZAINAB: The problem is that she doesn’t want to get away from Alex, and she told me a couple of times, Michael came with Alex.

    EMILY: Alex Sheldon? Her guardian Alex?

    ZAINAB: [nods and looks away] Yep. And you want to know what’s worse? As much of a jerk as he can be, I think he feels the same way, or at least close to it.

    EMILY: So… Alex and Miranda, sitting in a tree?

    ZAINAB: [blinks] I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen.

    EMILY: [leans in] If not Alex, then who?

    ZAINAB: [stands abruptly] I’ve got to go. Richard needs me to help with Jessie.

    EMILY: Why does he need help with Jessie?

    ZAINAB: I just…sorry, I’ve got to go!

    EMILY: Z, wait a minute!

    Zainab knows Emily all too well. When she finds out the truth about Miranda, it’s not pretty.

    Want to find out the rest? Please pick up a copy of The Family You Choose on Amazon or Smashwords.

    Deborah Nam-Krane has been writing in one way or another since she was eight years old (and telling stories well before that). It only took 27 years, but she’s finally ready to let the world read her series, The New Pioneers.

    Please connect with Deborah Nam-Krane on any of the following  sites:

    Written By Deb

    Join her mail list to find out first about new  releases

    Follow on Twitter
    Read my author  blog

    Connect on

    The Family You Choose - Cover

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    A character interview with Angela Panther from Unfinished Business an Angela Panther Novel by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson


    Carolyn Ridder AspensonToday I’m interviewing Angela Panther, from Unfinished Business An Angela Panther Novel by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson. See what Angela has to say about what’s happened in her life lately.

    So, you’ve gone through some serious changes lately. Can you tell us a little about that?

    Yes, well, I’m not overly comfortable talking publicly about it all but I since I signed up for this interview, I guess I should just get it out there.

    I lost my mother recently, to lung cancer and the night she died, she came back as a ghost. I thought I was dreaming, I mean, it’s crazy, right?
    Crazy. Ghosts don’t just pop in during the middle of the night and blame you for stuff, right? Well, my Ma did. She was pretty adamant about it, too. So now Ma dead mother pops in, unannounced, all of the time and let’s just say, it’s been a challenge. I’m glad she’s back but unfortunately she didn’t come alone.

    Care to elaborate on that?

    Apparently Ma re-opened a long ago closed portal between the after world and me. A portal I didn’t know a thing about but apparently she did. I guess when I was younger I had the gift of sight but she wanted me to lead a normal life and just didn’t put a whole lot of effort into it sticking around. Eventually it went away. I honestly don’t even remember ever having it so it must have gone away when I was pretty young. But apparently good old Fran, my mother, opened that portal up with her re-entrance into this world and now I’m dealing with all kinds of ghosts. It’s not that I don’t want to help them. Okay, it is that I don’t want to help them but it’s not because I’m mean. It’s because the whole thing just freaks me out. One day I’m living my life, eating a cupcake or two, hanging out with my best friend, Mel and then within only four months my whole life absolutely went bonkers. It would been nice if I didn’t have to dive head first into this, you know?

    It must be hard. Do you have anyone to support you?
    Yes, I do and I’m so grateful to them. I have my husband, Jake who is absolutely amazing. It was hard to tell him but I did. I also told my best friend, Mel. Actually, I told her first. It’s not that I didn’t think Jake wouldn’t believe me, because I knew he would, it’s that I knew Mel wouldn’t even bat an eye. And she didn’t. There is no better friend than Mel. She brings me cupcakes. How can I not love her?

    My son, Josh, he’s only ten and he also has the gift. He sees Ma, too but he doesn’t see any other ghosts, thank God. I’d hate for his life to be a mess like mine. He’s too young. But I’m glad he can see Ma. She adores him and I’m glad they still have time together.

    You have a daughter too, right?
    Yup. Teenager. Some days she’s a joy to be around but more often than not she’s all drama.

    How does it feel though, to have your mother back? It’s got to be wonderful.
    Oh, it is. I’m not complaining about that, except of course, when she purposefully tries to make me look like I’m crazy or plays some kind of ghostly trick on me. But to know that I have this time with her, I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful that is. Ma was always the life of the party, you know? The one who got up and danced, the one who did shots at the bar, the one who made everyone laugh. That personality didn’t die with her and as much as she drives me insane, I wouldn’t trade having her around for anything. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to lose her entirely. I feel terrible for people who’ve lost loved ones.

    Are you enjoying helping the dead?
    Ugh. It’s not that I don’t want to help them, honest. I do. It’s just that I’m put in a really bad situation. Have you ever walked up to a complete stranger and told them, “Hey, your dead so and so is here and has a message for you”? Seriously, people think I’m crazy. And then I look like I’m talking to myself all of the time. It’s embarrassing. I did recently meet this British ghost at Starbucks. He cracked me up. He died old, so he’s an older-looking ghost and he runs through the Starbucks parking lot, naked, juggling. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Did he want your help?
    Nope. Just wanted to say hi and tell me he’s there often and that he’s always naked. He thought Mel was hot. It was awesome.

    What lessons have you learned from your gift? How has it changed you?
    I’ve learned to always wear my ear buds with my iPhone because ghosts are everywhere and it at least looks like I’m talking on the phone instead of to myself. I’m kidding. I’ve learned that everyone wants more time, both the living and the dead. They all want one more chance to tell the people they love something, to let them know something they couldn’t say before. I’ve learned there is a lot of regret for the living and just as much for the dead, too. I’ve learned I should tell my family and my friends I love them more and not let the little things get to me but you know what? I still do. And I don’t tell them I love them enough. I take it all for granted just like most people. I wish, if I could impact anyone, it would be with that, to get them to understand that not everyone has a second chance like me and to take advantage of the time they have with the people they love.

    What’s in store for you next? Where do you see your life going?
    Oh gawd, I have no idea. I’m still trying to deal with raising my kids, not going crazy because my daughter is female and a teenager. I’m still trying to keep them on the right path, be there for my husband but still have my own identity, too. I have no clue what tomorrow will bring and honestly, that scares me. I had no clue I had this gift so I’ve learned that life can change on a dime. You know though, I don’t want mine to change anymore. I’ve dealt with some serious changes lately and I’d like an opportunity to kick back and relax a bit.

    Thank you, Angela and thank you, Carolyn, for allowing Angela to talk with me today.

    Unfinished Business - CoverUnfinished Business
    An Angela Panther Novel
    Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

    Sometimes the dead need our help and sometimes, we need theirs.

    A lovely home, an attentive, successful husband, two reasonably behaved children, a devoted dog and a lot of coffee and cupcakes. But while her life might border on mundane, she’s got it under control. Until her mother, Fran dies-and returns as a ghost.

    It seems Fran’s got some unfinished business and she’s determined to get it done.

    Now Fran’s got some nifty celestial superpowers and isn’t opposed to using them to levy a little ghostly retribution on her granddaughter’s frienemies and even her own daughter, which doesn’t make Angela happy.

    While Angela’s shocked and grateful to have her mother back, she’s not thrilled about the portal to the afterlife Fran opened upon her return. Now every ghost in town is knockin’ on Angela’s psychic door, looking for help-and it’s a royal pain in the butt.

    Now Angela’s got to find a way to balance her family life.
    Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is the author of two novels, Unfinished Business An Angela Panther Novel and Unbreakable Bonds An Angela Panther Novel, both of the chick-lit and paranormal genres.

    Carolyn wrote her first novel, Unfinished Business shortly after her mother died. She felt the need to let the world know a little about the woman who drove her absolutely crazy but loved her with an intensity unknown to normal people. While some of the book is loosely based on events surrounding her mother’s death, the author swears she’ll never tell if she really did bury her mother illegally.

    An avid fitness buff, Carolyn writes a monthly health and fitness column for Northside Woman Magazine. She also writes several freelance articles monthly for various Atlanta area media outlets including the Forsyth Herald, the Milton Herald, The Revue and News, The Johns Creek Herald, Countyline Magazine and many Internet publications. She’s written notebooks full of great story ideas from the entertaining people she’s met as a journalist. If you know one of them, don’t mention her books to them, just in case.

    Carolyn has written hundreds of guest blog posts ranging from humorous to serious about varying aspects of parenthood and marriage. She considers herself an expert at not being an expert parent and works to spread her lack of expertise far and wide.

    Dogs and recently cats too, are Carolyn’s preferred companions. She loves their loyalty, unconditional love and inability to talk in a language of which she understands.

    A native of Indiana, Carolyn called the northwest Chicago suburbs home for over eighteen years but because she hates the way snow sounds when she walks on it, has spent the last sixteen living in the Atlanta suburbs with her husband, son, two dogs and a cat. Her two daughters live close by.

    One day she plans to retire to a peaceful home with a fantastic view of something other than her neighbour’s house with a plethora of rescue animals by her side. Oh, and her husband too.

    Keep in touch with Carolyn
    Twitter: @awritingwoman carolynridderaspenson@gmail.com

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    Character interview with Allegra from Mr Right and Other Mongrels

    Girl Holding Books IllustrationI know lots of authors who do character interviews with their characters and I thought now that Mr Right and Other Mongrels has been out a while I would do an interview with Allegra – just to check in and see how she’s doing.

    1. Hi Allegra, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. I know you’re quite private so I appreciate it.

    No problem. It does feel a bit weird having all this attention, honestly. My friends say now that I’m going out with a celebrity I might have to learn to adjust.

    2. So speaking of celebrities, how is Teddy going?
    He’s fine. He’s in L.A. working on his new show, which is very exciting. I’ve been to visit but now I’m getting ready to make a more permanent or semi-permanent (I feel more comfortable with it when I say it like that) move.

    3. So that’s a big move for you! How are you feeling about it?
    You know I’m really, really nervous. I mean Sydney is my home. My bookshop is my home and all my friends are here. I’m going to miss the store, getting up and jogging every morning…everything. Still, everyone assures me I can do it and it looks like I’ll get lots of visitors because Justin has a trip planned already and so do the firls so maybe it will all be Ok.

    4. I hear there’s some great vintage clothing in L.A. That has to be exciting for you.
    Absolutely! I can’t wait to go shopping properly and find a place to live and explore the city.

    5. I have to ask – what will happen to Muffin (that big old dog)?
    Oh my goodness, that is a long, long story…you’ll have to read the next book to find out about Muffin, and about what happens with Teddy and I, because I can’t tell you because I don’t even know yet.

    Dog on Pile of Books
    I’ll be doing a research trip to L.A for the sequel to Mr Right and Other Mongrels in June…so stay tuned for a release date.











    Mr Right and Other Mongrels
    Mr Right and Other Mongrels is available on Amazon.