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Deborah Nam-KraneToday’s Guest post is by Deb Nam-Krane. Her new book The Family You Choose was released this week.

This is a character interview….take a look.
Character Interview between Zainab and Emily

Emily, the star of The Smartest Girl in the Room, spent a lot of time trying to do damage control in the aftermath of what happened to her best friend Zainab Oginabe-Kensit. Z, as she’s otherwise known to her friends, is doing just fine. In fact, she’s better than fine; she’s in a stable and loving relationship with Richard Hendrickson. But although the drama isn’t circling around her this time, her jaw is going to drop more than a couple of times in The Family You Choose.

Zainab sits down with Emily to walk us through a little bit of what we can expect in The Family You Choose.

EMILY: So the good news is that things are settled with you, right?

ZAINAB: [beams] Richard and I are going strong. There were a couple of rough days after Michael accidentally told me about the drugs, but I understand why Richard- and you- kept me in the dark. You just have to not do it again.

EMILY: [holds up hands] You got it. And at least that freak Michael’s out of the picture now.

ZAINAB: Yeah, I don’t know if I’d say that…

EMILY: Didn’t Miranda get him to leave?

ZAINAB: [sighs] Miranda’s not the one who got him to leave. She told Alex to make him go away, but Michael does what Michael wants to do.

EMILY: But isn’t Alex this scary, powerful guy?

ZAINAB: [scoff] Apparently the only guy he doesn’t scare is Michael. Richard once told me that Michael knows exactly which of Alex’s buttons to push whenever he needs something.

EMILY: You sound pretty frustrated…

ZAINAB: Look, I’ve never had a problem with Michael, but I suspect it’s because Richard told Michael he would break his fingers if he ever bothered me. He’s made Richard’s life difficult, but Richard will be the first one to tell you that he made Miranda’s life a living hell. He’s back, and it’s going to be bad.

EMILY: Can’t she get away from him?

ZAINAB: The problem is that she doesn’t want to get away from Alex, and she told me a couple of times, Michael came with Alex.

EMILY: Alex Sheldon? Her guardian Alex?

ZAINAB: [nods and looks away] Yep. And you want to know what’s worse? As much of a jerk as he can be, I think he feels the same way, or at least close to it.

EMILY: So… Alex and Miranda, sitting in a tree?

ZAINAB: [blinks] I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen.

EMILY: [leans in] If not Alex, then who?

ZAINAB: [stands abruptly] I’ve got to go. Richard needs me to help with Jessie.

EMILY: Why does he need help with Jessie?

ZAINAB: I just…sorry, I’ve got to go!

EMILY: Z, wait a minute!

Zainab knows Emily all too well. When she finds out the truth about Miranda, it’s not pretty.

Want to find out the rest? Please pick up a copy of The Family You Choose on Amazon or Smashwords.

Deborah Nam-Krane has been writing in one way or another since she was eight years old (and telling stories well before that). It only took 27 years, but she’s finally ready to let the world read her series, The New Pioneers.

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