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    #ChickLitLove and the Fairytale synopsis


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    The gorgeous gals that run #Chicklitchat a Facebook group and twitter hashtag I follow (although beware the hashtag now does have lots of ads for teenage phone sex like the rest of the twittersphere) are running a fairytale themed week for Valentine’s Day.

    Now if you follow my Facebook page you know my week has been utterly craptastic but last night I lay in bed and planned my blog post for the #ChicklitChat only to wake up and realise I GOT IT WRONG (it is that kind of week). I was supposed to re-fashion a fairy tale as a chicklit book synopsis, instead I wrote the synopsis of my most recent book as a fairy tale – so here it is.

    A Fairytale Synopsis for Any Way You Slice It, An Upper Crust Novella
    Piper, a lowly baker, follows an unworthy cad to a new Kingdom, for love but instead builds a life for herself selling pies. However, she cannot stay in the Kingdom and enjoy good fortune with her business without a husband, such are the rules of the land. Without a husband she must return home.

    She confides in her friend, Cherie, a part-time matchmaker, that she needs a suitor and Cherie suggests her own cousin, Aaron, a wealthy and respected law-maker who needs a partner to advance his station in life.

    They meet and sparks fly. Why must her suitor be so prince-like and gallant? His flirting and his attempts to win her affections make it hard to remember that this is to be just a contract, nothing more. While resisting his advances she must convince all their colleagues, her future mother-in-law and his persistent ex-girlfriend that this is a true love match.

    When he takes her on an opulent journey, to a glamorous city showing her a life the likes of which she could never have imagined, she must decide what she is willing to risk for love. Will Piper and Aaron get their happily ever after or will theirs merely be a contract of marriage.

    Read Any Way You Slice It, An Upper Crust Novella to find out.

    Any Way You Slice It - Upper Crust Novel - Monique McDonell - Original Cover

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    Happy Galentines Day – #chicklitlove post…or the importance of friends


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    Today for #chicklitlove the theme is Galentines Day…what is this Galentines Day you ask? Ok, I’ll be honest I had no idea either but I’m totally loving it. Let’s get the fabtabulous Lesly Nope (aka Amy Poehler) to explain it to us.




    (For the record if Amy Poehler needs a new BFF I would be very happy to help her out.)

    So the idea is for me to talk about the gal-pals and BFF in my novel (s). This posed a problem for me because I love the female friendships in my books and so I really struggled to choose which book to write about.

    In Alphabet Dating Serena’s friends have seen her through heartbreak and through a terrible accident and then decide to set her up on 26 dates in a month in the hope she’ll find someone special based on the theory our friends know us better than anyone else. I really love her friends who all met at college and were part of an all-girl acapella group. (for the record I wrote that book long before the fabulous Pitch Perfect movie was released).

    In Mr Right and Other Mongrels Allegra’s friends are like a surrogate family for her. They’ve supported her through the difficulties of her relationship with her mother and the loss of her grandmother. These are friends who show up for each other no matter what. And the fact that they may have had a few drinks at some of my own favourite haunts just makes me love them more.

    Likewise both Holly (Building Attraction) and Cassie (Hearts Afire) have a best friend who is always there for them.

    I’d love to have a Galentine’s breakfast with all my female characters and their best friends. That would be quite the morning. I think we’d probably start with mimosas and breakfast would turn in to a very long lunch.

    In fact we’d probably end up here – a bar that features in Mr Right and Other Mongrels and that would be a fantastic day.
    Manly Wharf Night
    I try and create female friendships in my books that are real. Real friends do hang in there for each other through the highs and the lows. Real friends are your bridesmaids, your drinking companions, your shoulder during a break-up and the person you ring when you meet a new guy.

    I’m lucky to have had a great many friends like that through my life and I can’t imagine how empty my life would be without my gal pals. I don’t want to read or write about characters with empty lives and that’s why my books are full of wonderful female characters that you absolutely would want to split a frittata or a bottle of bubbly with!

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    Character interview with Teddy Green from Mr Right and Other Mongrels for #chicklitlove !


    Jamie DurieToday as part of #chicklitlove we are getting to know Teddy Green, lifestyle TV guru, who recently had an unexpected encounter with Allegra (who you met on Monday) from

    Mr Right and Other Mongrels.


    Ok, Teddy, here we go…

    Celebrity you’ve been told you look like:

    Hmm there’s an Aussie guy I look a bit a like or so they say but I don’t see it. His name is Jamie Durie. (That’s him in the photo.)

    Naughty food you like to indulge in:

    I’m not one of these guys who watches what they eat. I work hard and I exercise so if I want a burger and chips at the end of the day I’ll have it. I like to eat healthy but I don’t sweat that stuff too much. Life is too short to deny yourself all the time.

    What you wear to bed:

    Well nothing is my preferred option or when I’m travelling which I do a lot, boxers, just in case. You only need to be scrambling for clothes in a dark hotel room when the fire alarm goes once to embrace the idea of sleeping in something.

    Favorite body part of the opposite sex:

    I’ve got to be honest with you, there isn’t much about the opposite sex I don’t like but if I have to pick one, I’m probably a boob guy.

    How many people you’ve said “I love you” to: Well now there have only been two now, if you don’t count my lovely mother.

    Relationship deal-breaker:

    I like honesty and I don’t like to be manipulated. My last girlfriend was highly manipulative so I’m not falling for that again.

    Your first kiss – How old were you? Did you instigate it?: Wow, that was in Primary School with MaryAnne Mosely. She kissed me I think, but maybe she remembers it differently.

    Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If so, describe: Actually I don’t. My mother basically said she’d kill me, and while I know I’m a grown up and it is my body, I don’t like to upset my mum.

    Favorite alcoholic drink: I work outside in the garden on my TV show and so we get pretty hot. You can’t beat a long cold beer at the end of a hot day’s work.

    Describe your dream girl: I think I’ve just met her. Dark hair, a sweet smile, a curvy body and the soul of an angel.


    I hope you’re enjoying the #chiclitlove posts this week… visit my author page to see all my novels.
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    #ChickLitLove – an excerpt from Hearts Afire


    Hearts Afire - Monique McDonell - #ChickLitLove PromoToday as part of #ChickLitLove I’m giving you an extract from Hearts Afire (which by the way is only 99c on Amazon this week). I love all the men in my books but I have to say of my released novels I do think Jack from Hearts Afire is my favourite (although wait till you meet Matt in A Fair Exchange – due out in April!!!).

    I really like the chemistry between these two and their banter, I hope you do too!


    Jack leaned down and whispered in her ear. “You’ve done a good job.”

    “Sorry?” Here quizzical eyes looked up at him.

    “With Lisa, that’s what you’re worried about right? Well she’s OK.”

    “I don’t know about that.”

    “Look, she’s a normal twenty-year-old. That’s what they do. That’s how they act.”

    “Selfish, over-sexed, self-absorbed and shallow?”

    “I think so, pretty much.” He smiled at her.

    “Well, we should raise our glasses to what a great parent I was then, because she is all those things.”

    “You wanted to make sure she got a chance to do all the things you didn’t get to do, right?” Cassie nodded at him. “Well look, she’s doing them all.”

    “Does she have to do them all at once, though?” Her voice smiled as she spoke.

    “I guess so.”

    “So now you’re talking to me again, huh?”

    “I have trouble staying mad at you, apparently.” He touched her silky skin lightly on the shoulder. “You do strange things to me.”

    “Yeah, well, if you keep touching me we’re both going to be in big trouble, Jack.” He didn’t move his hand. Instead he ran his finger down her arm. “Listen Jack, I just need to say…”

    “You need to say nothing, Cassie.”

    “No I…”

    He placed a finger over her lips to silence her. With his other hand he grabbed her hand and pulled her back outside. And against the wall which pulsated with the beat from the music from inside, he found her mouth and kissed her hard.

    Cassie leaned into him. It was a warm, inviting, kiss. He was pressed against her and she could feel every muscle of his lean body up and down the length of her own. She closed her eyes and just went with the glorious feeling of his mouth melting into hers. She needed this. She needed him.

    He pulled back and looked into her eyes. It was a searching look. She knew he wanted her to say something now, but what? She didn’t even know what she wanted. She knew he would break her heart but maybe it would be worth it.

    She grabbed his shirt and pulled his mouth down to hers initiating another long searching toe-tingling kiss. Well her toes were tingling anyway, she didn’t know about his toes but she could feel other parts of him springing into action. He wrapped his arms around her and locked one hand in her hair at the back of her neck, holding her in place. It felt amazing.


    If you want to read how Cassie and Jack got into this situation – or if you like sexy firemen and tropical islands -go and download Hearts Afire from Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009V2UKWQ



    2/10/2014 08:03:17 pm

    Love it! I so want to read more!

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    Character Interview with Allegra Johnson from Mr Right and Other Mongrels


    ChickLitLove Promo BannerAs part of #ChickLitLove (oragnised by the wonderful ladies at @ChickLitChat) I’m taking part in some fun events here on the blog and on twitter this week.

    Today in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day we have a Q&A with Allegra from Mr Right and Other Mongrels. Although a true romantic Allegra hasn’t exactly been lucky in love so let’s get her thoughts on romance, shall we?

    1)What three qualities do you find most attractive in a partner?
    I find stability very attractive, I had kind of a bumpy childhood so I like a bit of consistency in my men. I’m big on loyalty because I’ve been burned before and I’m not looking to go through that again. Finally I like some good old fashioned manners and courtesy, that might not be fashionable but then I’m not really the most fashion forward girl on the planet.

    2) What’s your idea of romance?
    Romance is walking hand in hand on the beach under the moonlight. However, once you get past that initial blush it is also about showing up, remembering the details and creating a life together. I’m kind of a hopeless romantic. I want a happily ever after, but I’m not exactly expecting one.

    3) Who’s your favorite on-screen couple (Film or TV)?
    You know I did have quite an obsession with Carol and Mike Brady for a while. It was a pity he was gay and she was dating her eldest son off screen, that kind of ruined it. Still, on screen, I loved the way they had such a united approach to their kids and family, plus their colour coordinated flares gave them a touch of something special.

    4) What’s been your most embarrassing moment in regards to the opposite sex?
    One embararssing moment? You want me to choose just one? Seriously most of my encounters with the opposite sex are embarassing…can we please talk about something else?

    5) What was your first impression of your partner or crush? How accurate was it?
    You know I’m very embarassed to say that I didn’t recognise him when I saw him the second time (or the first, apparently everyone in Australia but me would have instantly known him). Admittedly I was quite focussed on having a panic attack and getting away from the humiliation that caused the first time I met him so I did avoid looking at him and eye contact. Still, he’s so cute and my goodness that smile, I don’t know how even I managed to forget that face.

    6) How have you coped with break-ups in the past?
    WOW, do we have to talk break-ups? My last break up was very, very awkward. I caught my boyfriend sleeping with someone, I can’t even tell you who, it’s too awful (if you read the book you’ll understand why). So I just kind of went into a bit of a funk, swore off men and made a nice neat life for myself that revolved around my friends and my business.

    7) Which hot actor would you want to be stranded on a deserted island with and why?
    I like old movies, anything vintage works for me, so I think Cary Grant and I would probably have a fine time on a deserted island. I don’t think we’d last long but we’d look stylish as we went.

    8) What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

    I haven’t really done anything crazy for love yet but I have a feeling Teddy Green, who is also in Mr Right and Other Mongrels is going to have me going all kinds of crazy.

    9) PDA: How much is acceptable?
    I’m not really all that good with PDA’s for myself. I mean you may go right ahead and snog whomever you like where ever you like, I grew up on a commune so I have seen it all before and I’m not here to judge. Personally when I’m in a relationship I’m more of a hand holding in public and peck on quick kiss on the lips girl, I think some things are just between the two people involved.

    10) What is the best relationship advice you’ve ever gotten?
    The best relationship advice I’ve been given – I just don’t know. I think it is follow your heart, but I don’t exactly trust my heart so it’s quite hard to know where to follow it to.


    Allegra Holding Books IllustrationI hope you enjoyed reading my answers. I think my new boyfriend Teddy will be sharing some of his thoughts on women later this week.









    Mr Right and Other Mongrels

    Available at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0086L8NBS

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    This and that and musical Monday…


    #ChickLitLove Monique McDonell PromoI have a few things to tell you about this week so I thought I’d start the day with a post…and in what may be a first I’ll be back later today with another post…I hope the earth doesn’t spin of it’s axis.

    First off I’m participating in a Valentine’s event called #ChickLitLove this week. Lots of wonderful authors are involved…look for the hashtag on twitter to find their posts.

    I’ll be doing lots of fun stuff here for that this week.

    Secondly I have put Hearts Afire down to just a 99c for a few days so it’s the perfect time to get a copy. For 99c it would also make a cute Valentine for a girlfriend who could use a little love and escapist romance in her life (and who couldn’t?)

    Thirdly you can find me here at J’aimee Brookers website talking about Building Attraction as part of the #Ozromance Valentine’s Showcase.


    Building Attraction is my newest book and it’s lots of fun. If you haven’t read it, I think you’ll find it a fun read.

    Finally for Musical Monday a song to put some pep in your step….Imagine Dragons – I’m On Top of the World. (Or as my daughter and I call it the happy song you sing when you’re feeling just tad Canadian, eh!) We actually saw them in concert here in Sydney last year with a group of friends…very fun.

    Anyway, I’m not really feeling on top of the world but sometimes you need to act as if and music sure can help.

    I’ll be back later to get my week of #ChickLitLove underway.