This and that and musical Monday…


#ChickLitLove Monique McDonell PromoI have a few things to tell you about this week so I thought I’d start the day with a post…and in what may be a first I’ll be back later today with another post…I hope the earth doesn’t spin of it’s axis.

First off I’m participating in a Valentine’s event called #ChickLitLove this week. Lots of wonderful authors are involved…look for the hashtag on twitter to find their posts.

I’ll be doing lots of fun stuff here for that this week.

Secondly I have put Hearts Afire down to just a 99c for a few days so it’s the perfect time to get a copy. For 99c it would also make a cute Valentine for a girlfriend who could use a little love and escapist romance in her life (and who couldn’t?)

Thirdly you can find me here at J’aimee Brookers website talking about Building Attraction as part of the #Ozromance Valentine’s Showcase.

Building Attraction is my newest book and it’s lots of fun. If you haven’t read it, I think you’ll find it a fun read.

Finally for Musical Monday a song to put some pep in your step….Imagine Dragons – I’m On Top of the World. (Or as my daughter and I call it the happy song you sing when you’re feeling just tad Canadian, eh!) We actually saw them in concert here in Sydney last year with a group of friends…very fun.

Anyway, I’m not really feeling on top of the world but sometimes you need to act as if and music sure can help.

I’ll be back later to get my week of #ChickLitLove underway.

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