A great review and other chat

Northern Beaches beach walk
So it’s a very sunny Sunday morning in Sydney. I am being a sloth. Well, not really, I’m doing stuff here on the computer but I feel like I should be walking in the sunshine, or you know, if I was someone else entirely I should probably be going for a run.

Anyway here is a link to a wonderful review I got on Friday on smittenwithreading for
Mr Right and Other Mongrels.

I now have 19 reviews on Amazon if you’re interested in what other people think of the book.

I need to get the edit finished on Hearts Afire so I can hand it to some readers this week so I have time to make the changes that need to be made before my chosen publishing date in late August. Having said that if it’s not ready I’ll just wait and put it up in September. Quality is important.

This week the lovely Lisa Kelly is going to get started on design ideas for the cover. That’s so fun! I loved all the designs she came up with for Mr Right so much so that it made it REALLY hard to choose one.

In other writing-related matters I really must think about what I am wearing to the Romance Writers of Australia conference. It’s only a month away now.

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