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It’s been a big week. I feel like I’m just now coming up for air.
Now it’s time for the real hard work to continue. Once you tell all your friends about your book then the hard work of letting the rest of the world know really must continue.

In book news I have decided to do paper-back copies and hopefully this will be available by late June or early July. I really deliberated about this but it seems that lots of people still like a nice paper book and so I feel it makes sense for me to accommodate as many people as possible.

I also hope to have the book loaded up onto Smashwords in the next few days which means it will be available from a wider range of shops as well as an e-book. I’ll let you know when that happens.

One thing I’m learning about myself is that I have the capacity to learn more technical stuff than I would have guessed. This still leaves me wondering why I can’t a) write down a phone number without transposing digit and b) draw a straight line between three dots with a ruler? Maybe those aren’t the essential life skills I always imagined they were anyway.

I have some cool author Q&A’s lined up for the next week or so. Philippa Fioretti who has written two wonderful books – The Book of Love and Fragment of Dreams will be answering my author questions. I also have lined up an interview with Susan Buchanan who managed to get her e-book Sign of the Times to number one in the Amazon rankings will be here to discuss the how’s and why’s and probably how nots of that experience. So stop by, read and comment!

And if you missed it I was talking about the inspiration of this lovely dog, Muffin, on Rachael Johns blog earlier in the week so check that out as well.

Dog on Pile of Books


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