Best dates and worst dates…


Romantic couple with BalloonsI’m busy working on getting my third novel ready for release in January.

The book is called Alphabet Dating and it’s the story of a girl (Serena) whose friends set her up on twenty-six dates in a month – you guessed it, one for every letter of the alphabet.

Obviously I had to think up lots of interesting dates for Serena to go on – some fabulous and some a whole lot less fabulous.

So best dates, worst dates…we’ve all had them.

Share your story with me. Don’t worry the book is already written so I’m not going to steal your story (well not for this book anyway!)

I haven’t been on any really bad dates, which is lucky for me…or if I have I’ve expunged the memory. Oh I did go to a dance once with a guy who refused to dance…that was a pretty dud experience but I think that’s not uncommon. Sad though because I do love to dance…

Great dates…I’ve had a few of those…what about you?

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