What’s the worst thing that can happen to a writer?


Mr Right and Other Mongrels Mug and Book, Hearts Afire BookSeriously – what’s the worst thing that can happen to a writer?

Well it depends a bit on the writer. Apart from losing your whole manuscript, which pretty much destroys writers globally, and apart from rejection, which is a right of passage more than a catastrophe.

For me the answer is simple – you can’t have coffee. My cappuccino /espresso machine broke on the weekend. Can you imagine the horror? How can anyone write without caffeine?

We all have our vices I know writers who guzzle the diet coke and others who have Tim Tams, Skittles or M&M’s on tap but for me it’s caffeine.

I’m happy to report after two days of running out for take-away coffee (or take-out as they say in America) my lovely husband has repaired the machine and I’m back in business.

Let the writing continue!

if you’re a writer or even a reader – what’s your creative crutch?

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