I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been…writing


KeyboardSorry I’ve been such a hopeless blogger the last couple of weeks. I seem to have patches where I do a great job on the consistency and then it falls away.

That frustrates me and when it happens because I’m distracted or uninspired but this time I haven’t minded.

If I’m absent because I’ve been writing then that’s OK with me.

Writing seem to come to me in waves and right now I’m on a roll so that’s lovely. My absolute favourite part of writing is creating new characters and heading off on a journey with them. It fills me with delight and pleasure every time.

So apologies if my blogging is sporadic but I’m a writer so I must write.

In other news Alphabet Dating is having it’s final round of edits now so not long to wait!

Alphabet Dating CoverComing this month!

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