Musical Monday – songs about friendship


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One of the things I like about chick lit as opposed to writing romance, which I also enjoy writing by the way, is that to my way of seeing things it’s more about the character’s whole life and not just about their romantic journey.

In Alphabet Dating, for example Serena’s story is as much about her friends’ wanting to see her happy – hence setting her up on 26 dates in a month (OK they have a weird way of showing their love) as her quest to meet someone new. Really she isn’t interested in love, she goes on the dates to make her friends happy. To me it’s a book about friendship.

So this Musical Monday I thought I would play you some songs about friendship.
Lot’s of songs about friendship are kind of schmaltzy. That’s not really a problem for me because I love a bit of schmaltz. I love a song that brings a tear to my eye and really there are thousands of them (I’m the girl who cries at everything!)

So here are a couple of friendship songs. Maybe they might make you phone or text a friend…yeah somehow I don’t think my blog has that kind of power either…but it’s a nice thought.

Maybe Bruno Mars will inspire.
This one is my all-time favourite! James Taylor baby!
This one is the queen of schmaltz…but I love this because it reminds me of some old friends…(sniff, sniff!) And it does have Stevie Wonder so it must be a little bit cool right? Plus look how beautiful Gladys Knight is…and Elton still had that voice…

Do you have a favourite friendship song? If so let me know what it is.

This is my all time favourite….

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