New Year, New goals…or why I hate the talking GPS


Building Attraction - Monique McDonell - CoverThe new year is an excellent time to look back on what one has achieved and what one may not have.

I’m a person who enjoys setting goals and making plans. I’ll be honest with you there are lots of goals I don’t meet and plenty of plans that get left on a list of paper, but that almost doesn’t matter to me.

Having a plan gives me something to work towards and it’s like a map showing me the way. Sometimes I ignore the map and take a side-road but that’s fine with me, I just like knowing I have the map.

For the record I really don’t like those GPS devices that talks in a car. It drives me nuts. I want to yell at it and say “Stop nagging me already.” I’m a bit that way in life as well. If I say I’m doing it then I’m probably doing it and you asking me “how’s it coming” will stop me in my tracks.

Last year I released two books under my name and another under a pen name – that’s about half what I set out to achieve. Still not a bad outcome while running a small business and keeping a family happy.

This year my goal is to release two full-length novels and two novellas, oh yes and a box set. (As well as a couple under my pen name). We’ll see if that all happens. I think it will.

I also hope to be a bit more consistent with my blogging. The last third of the year my work sapped much or my creativity and I lost track a bit, I also didn’t market my two 2013 releases as well as I should have. I guess we live and learn.

In a perfect world I’ll write 1,000 words a day. Of course I won’t make it every day but it’s a reasonable goal. Writing every day is the best way to stay in a story and keep your mind in the mind-set of your characters. All writers know this, but ask around, not all writers succeed. Life intervenes, stories stall, characters rebel and confidence can fade. Still, much better to have the goal and fall short than have no goals at all.

So onward….to 2014 and another year of making up new friends in my head.

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