What time is it? Sydney Writers’ Festival Time


Pile of BooksThis week is The Sydney Writers’ Festival. Do you love a good Writers’ Festival? I do.
Why? I hear you ask.
First of all I love books and I love reading so I love hearing some of the people who wrote those books talk about the stories and what inspired them to tell those stories.
Now that I write there are lots of opportunities to learn at the Festival. Yes there are sessions geared specifically to craft and authors but sometimes something sparks in a regular session that you take home and it helps you as go on with your own writing.
I love the bookshop. Even though I now read lots of my books electronically I love to be in a room surrounded by real books. I have my eye on a couple I know I want already but I will no doubt come home with a couple of extras.
Usually I attend the Sydney Writers’ Festival with my writing friends. It is a great opportunity to catch up with people I know and to also meet new people. Sometimes you bump into unexpected people or pass them as they rush down the hallway or street to another session.
This year I’m going in Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I never make it to every session I plan to go to (see the bit about the friends) and some years the queues are ridiculous and one simply doesn’t have time to get from one session to the next (see the comment about rushing). I like to book in for a couple so that I’m guaranteed a seat and my day has some structure.
It should be a fun few days. Hopefully I’ll be back with pictures next week.

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