Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge – favourite things to do in spring

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge Welcome to this week’s blog – I’m so excited to tell you I’m writing this on Tuesday – look what a little social isolation can do for a girl!

So this week’s question is favourite things to do in the Sping. Right now I’m here in Sydney and the autumn leaves are turning on the trees. Also we – by which I mean the whole world- is locked away in their homes feeling more than a little anxious about COVID-19/Corona Virus.

I have a feeling that when Spring rolls around in my corner of the universe the world will be a very different place.

These are the things I look forward to doing:

  • Walking on the beach in the gorgeous sunshine
  • Fishing on our boat with a glass of wine in hand, or maybe a cheeky gin and tonic
  • Getting together with a bunch of friends for a long, slow Sunday lunch by the sea
  • Watching all the leaves come back on the trees and the flowers bloom
  • Picnics in parks surrounded by birds and the sound of laughter
  • Visiting art galleries and museums
  • Gathering with my writing buddies to talk about books and writing (in person)

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Don’t forget I’m serializing my next Courtside Romance book – you can read the first installment here.

Spring Bird
Spring bird

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