New Release Friday

New Release Friday – September 2022

New Release Friday

Time for another New Release Friday- where did this month go?

A few of my author friends have had new releases in September. Check them out if you are looking for a new read.

I must admit I was a bit slack and didn’t keep track of the new release this month as well as usual so it’s a little light-on.

Please note the books have varying heat levels so do your own due diligence. Also I’m sure there were more but my September was kind of nuts so I literally can’t remember the beginning.

Daph on the beach cover

Daph on the Beach: A Camper & Wedding Officiant Cozy Mystery (Daphne Jones Mysteries) by Phillipa Nefri Clark

There’s a wedding around the corner, until Randall sniffs out a body in the sea…
The last thing Daphne Jones expects to see as she stands on Rivers End jetty, practicing the ceremony for a wedding, is a body floating by.
Suspicion falls on her friend Christie when the deceased is identified as an ex-employee, a woman who left under a cloud. Nobody who knows Christie believes she’s responsible – except the police. Roping in best friend, Elizabeth, Daphne sets out to run her own investigation.
Why was the deceased dressed in winter clothing on a summer’s day? And why had she begged Christie to meet her late at night?
With the police about to arrest Christie, Daphne races to find evidence to exonerate her, as well as lead to the real killer. Will the wedding be postponed and the wrong person arrested? Not if Daphne can solve the puzzle in time.

If you’ve read any of the Rivers End books, you’ll love this fun and quirky quick read which features many of the beloved characters such as Christie, Martin, Thomas, Elizabeth and more… not to mention Randall the goldie. 

Daph on the Beach first appeared in the Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders anthology.

Get it here

Protecting Their Destiny Cover

Protecting their Destiny (A Bindarra Creek Mystery Romance) by Erin Moira O’Hara

Reid Sullivan is close to fulfilling his life-long dream of returning his family’s sheep station, Tulachmhor to its former glory. He’s also weeks from marrying Emma, his pregnant fiancée, yet a volatile childhood has left him with deep trust issues. And his soon-to-be bride has shared little of her past. After a string of mishaps and disasters he suspects Tulachmhor and his relationship with Emma are being sabotaged, but by who and why?

Gynecologist, Emma Fahey left her previous life in Sydney for the rural peace and safety of Bindarra Creek. Yet, as her wedding approaches her fiancé becomes distracted and moody, reigniting old fears. Emma loves Reid with all her heart, and is excited for the baby, but can their relationship survive someone with a deadly grudge? Will their trust issues irrevocably damage their relationship, or worse, cost them their lives?

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