New Release Friday

New release Friday – wrapping up August new releases

New Release Friday

Lots of my author friends have had new releases in August. Check them out if you are looking for a new read.

Please note the books have varying heat levels so do your own due diligence. Also I’m sure there were more but my August was kind of nuts so I literally can’t remember the beginning.

 One in a billionOne in a Billion- Belinda Williams


Victoria Verity is on a deadline. Soon she’ll be thirty and out of a job unless she can turn her journalism career around by gaining an exclusive interview with Australia’s newest tech billionaire. Except there’s one small hitch—he’s notoriously private.

Seth Pierce hates people making a big deal about his billionaire status, but he knows it’s time to appoint a media adviser. When the perfect candidate walks into his office for all the wrong reasons, Seth is determined to make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Victoria will do anything to land the story, but she draws the line at mixing business with pleasure. Only she’s about to discover that billionaires don’t give up easily. Especially when they’ve found something—or someone—they want . . .

One In A Billion is the third book in the Pierce Brothers series featuring four brothers that are equally as nice as they are naughty.

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The Swordmasters DaughterThe Swordmaster’s Daughter – Terri Green

Whitefriars London 1604

When her father bans her from fighting after an unfortunate incident with a stray sword, Lucinda Evans is determined to continue fencing. She recruits a small group of women with an urgent need to defend themselves, training them in secret as the Sisters of the Sword. When the Sisters discover that two of their number were victims of the same cruel predator, they set out to bring him to justice, no matter what it takes.

Robert McCrae, the infuriatingly attractive heir of a Scottish Lord, cannot fathom why any woman has a need to fight, but when he fails to protect his only sister, he reluctantly seeks Lucinda’s help.
Plunged into a murky world of politics and duplicity, they are forced to work together, and faced with impossible choices. Loyalty or duty? Love or justice? The more he pulls, the more she pushes, and despite all of McCrae’s attempts to keep her safe, Lucinda strides on into danger, a danger she must ultimately face on her own.

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Ace: An Australian Military Romance (Z Boys Book 5) – Sofia Aves

His last card will trump them all.

Mentor, officer, and soldier Lincoln ‘Ace’ Kelly loves the men he leads. Z Unit was always a suicide mission. With a short life expectancy, none of his team were supposed to have attachments.

Never get involved.

Linc broke rule number one by bringing the love of his life along with him. Belgian Malinios Helix is as much a part of the team as the men who would lay down their lives on his orders without question. But when those orders start to ring false in his mind, Lincoln question what’s coming down from the top…and where he’s sending his boys.

As tensions inside the unit hit boiling point, Lincoln seeks a distraction…and finds it for a second time in Hadleigh Rawson.

Blonde, stunning and an agent for an unnamed intelligence agency, Hadleigh’s mind works as fast as anyone on his team. And while their chemistry is undeniable, Linc begins to suspect she’s part of a bigger picture.

One that he can’t see in full.

He has to get it right to prevent chaos ruining his unit on a deadly mission when she tags along. Which is fine if she is on his side.

But what if she’s not?

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Best Match

Best Match: A Grumpy sunshine sports romance (Arizona Rattlesnakes Book 3) – Pippa Green

From the outside looking in, my life is perfect. I’ve made it all the way from Sweden to the USA to be a star player for the Arizona Rattlesnakes NHL team and we’re having our best season ever. The problem is… I can’t take the heat. Literally. I need to get out of the desert as fast as possible.

I have a plan and it’s simple: remain detached from my life, as Tucson is just a pit stop, and when we win the Cup, I’ll get myself traded to any other team in a colder climate. My teammates think I’m a grumpy bastard but that’s just my way of keeping them at arm’s length, so I don’t miss them too much when I bolt.

I’ve hit another snag in the form of my new next-door neighbor. Elizabeth’s a ray of jävla/sunshine—and we know how I feel about the sun—and she can’t seem to take the hint that I want her gone. My stand-offish nature doesn’t seem to stop her from baking me muffins, doing my yard work, and generally driving me insane with her curves as she prances around in yoga outfits and lounges in her bikini by the pool.

I need to resist, but every minute I spend with Elizabeth and her three-legged dog makes it harder and harder to remember why I can’t just let myself go and enjoy her warmth. She may be the best thing that’s ever happened to a grumpy bastard like me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let the sexy, taco-loving temptress lure me into staying in Helvete, or Hell.

If I stick to my plan I’ll be happy…right? But what if I’m wrong?

Best Match is the third book in the new Arizona Rattlesnakes series, a spinoff from Pippa Green’s successful Minnesota Raiders series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone novel.

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