Some photos of places in Mr Right and Other Mongrels


Manly CorsoIt’s been a busy Saturday here in Sydney. It was a cool day but gorgeous and sunny. Now it’s a freezing night.

I’m having a fun weekend reading through my next novel, Hearts Afire, which I hope will be released in August. As an extra bonus I’m also editing an annual report as part of my day job.

With that in mind I thought today I would go with some pictures rather than quite as many words. I’ll do a photo run soon and get a few more location shots.

In Mr Right and Other Mongrels the main character Allegra lives above her bookshop in Manly on a street that runs off The Corso.

A street that is in fact quite a bit like the one on the left. Can you see her bookshop…it might be tucked in there somewhere on the left.


Manly Corso - Surfection
This is Manly Corso. The Corso, as it is known is a paved plaza or walkway that runs from Manly Wharf on the Harbourside of Manly down to Manly Beach. It’s lined with shops and restaurants and full of tourists who pour off the ferry on sunny days.

Manly Beach
And this is Manly Beach (Admittedly this won’t win me any photography awards -it was a rather drab day when I took this and the surf is terrible.) Allegra runs along the beachfront from here around to that headland.
Hopefully this photos give those of you have never seen Sydney what it’s like in this little corner anyway. I’ll add more photos in the next


Pamela Cook
6/23/2012 07:43:55 am

I can picture the lovely Allegra wandering through the corso and running along the beach. Look forward to the next installment.

Julie Anne Lindsey
6/23/2012 11:29:11 am

Love the photographs. I can’t wait to read this book LOL

Betina Miller
6/23/2012 12:06:30 pm

I’m about 1/3 into your book (I’m a slow reader…lol), and I enjoy seeing the pictures. I’m waiting for you to post more!
6/23/2012 12:12:26 pm

I absolutely will Bettina. And now that it’s sunny I’ll be able to capture the true vibe of the places alot better.

6/25/2012 07:45:45 pm

I have seen Sydney before, but do they have these markets at Manly near the Corso? I went once and got a really pretty necklace made of this cool cork stuff but I can’t quite remember where it was.

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