Weekend wrap up


Gosh it’s been a busy weekend here…Life is like that sometimes. Some weekends I seriously do nothing but this weekend wasn’t like that.

Massive storms in Sydney on Friday knocked two trees down in our yard and in unrelated storm damage we had no internet Saturday.

We had social events both Friday and Saturday nights and today was my daughters 12th birthday so that brought it’s own round of activity. That of course was lovely. I’m not sure how she can be 12. How is that even possible? It just is I guess. That’s the way life goes isn’t it?

Luckily the internet is back today! It’s funny how used to reliable internet connection we are. Remember dial up? It wasn’t that long ago!

On book and writing news I have a couple of lovely guest author’s this week and the Mr Right and Other Mongrels paperback should be available.

I also really need to get myself organised for the RWA Conference on the Gold Coast.

Busy week ahead.
Dog on Pile of Books

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