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Promo Signup || Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen by Colette Kebell (Blog Tour 1/29-2/4)Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen! (Or so Mother Says by Colette Kebell Published by Skittish Endeavours on December 25, 2014 Genre: Chick Lit

A Chick Lit Lover’s Delight. Fashion may be the central theme; along with a nagging mother, but with friendships, intrigue, a villain, romance, food and laughter too.

GiGi is a woman with a mission: to help people improve the way they look, increase their self-esteem, and eventually, make them happier people. Being a personal shopper is a dark art, with few tangible rewards. Spread by word of mouth, her clients would never admit they needed her assistance. Let us be honest, who would admit to being in need of a style consultant?

The first step is to admit you need help with your wardrobe. When you have recognised that, you are on the path to recovery, and GiGi’s services will help you, despite her mother nagging that she is not doing a “real” job.

So, is it just a matter of going around and helping people buy clothes and shoes?

Not quite so. Money is tight; GiGi has to work with wealthy and eccentric people, who often do not have any idea about what they want. She and her business partner Ritchie are in a constant struggle to keep the business afloat, but as they say in Dragon’s Den, she is very investable. But, with success comes the difficulties, the Battersea Fashion Center is going to open soon, and they claim they will be fierce competitors.

With the constant struggle to keep her business afloat; a powerful enemy lining up ready to make a meal out of her, knowing well that GiGi’s approach, eventually, will make her successful. The business expands, and they take onboard new partners, making them one of the most influential fashion consultancy firms in London. But, with a very demanding job, hours spent working, will she be able to balance her career and her private life?

About Colette Kebell

Colette Kebell is an author of Chicklit, though a relatively new one and thus far has self-published her books. Her books are light-hearted, fun and quirky and even considered by some to be inspirational. She has also found avenues to translate both into Italian (thanks to her husband), and one, thus far, into French, Spanish and Portuguese via Babelcube.

As a career, Colette spent her later years as a legal secretary. After a first attempt at writing many years ago (a book that still remains in her drawer) she resumed this passion a few years back, following being made redundant. After a few book signing events and a book talk, which almost caused her to collapse with nerves, Colette now spends her time between her home in the UK and her home in France.

Colette has two adorable dogs and spends some time, when not writing and marketing her books, cooking for herself and her husband, gardening or designing various items for their home. Amongst her other hobbies, she has also experimented with furniture upholstery, and she might, from time to time, have a paintbrush in her hand.

She can be found on twitter @ColetteKebell though doesn’t tweet a vast amount.

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Colette Kebell
1/29/2018 10:00:30 am

I just wanted to pop on by to say a massive thank you, Monique for taking part in my current #Blog #Tour organised by #Karan & Co. This means more to me than you can imagine both from your efforts and Karan & Co’s. Also, for any that are interested, both my books are half-price (so mega cheap) on #Amazon currently, to coincide with this blog tour. Happy reading all, as without all your readers (myself included) where would us authors be 🙂 You are all very much appreciated and I know that ever author on this planet hopes to bring enjoyment to each and every reader, no matter the genre, as otherwise we wouldn’t get up in the mornings to write and you would have no books to read 🙂 Thank you all so much :)x x
Monique McDonell
1/30/2018 12:07:01 am

You are very welcome Collette, so happy to host you. As a reader I’m always looking for new authors and I know those who visit here are as well.

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