Today’s the day – virtual book launch


Mr Right and Other Mongrels
After much love, blood and sweat my debut novel Mr Right and Other Mongrels is available today on Amazon.

To buy it click here.

After reading the book, if you like it I’d love you to leave me a review. That would be fantastic.

It’s quite a surreal experience e-launching a book because you can’t see it or see people holding it. It’s like an imaginary launch in a way.

My author page is still loading on Amazon, that takes up to a week so I hope by the weekend it will be up.

I will now work on getting the novel up on other platforms (eg Smashwords, Barnes and Noble etc). As I am not the world’s most tecnical being so it’s all quite an adventure. Lucky for me I have a second book to launch in a month or two so I can use my new knowledge. Meanwhile please celebrate with me and enjoy Mr Right and Other Mongrels.

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