Summer in the city


Beach Hat, Towel and Wine on SandIt’s a very hot summer in my little corner of the world this year. Yesterday Sydney had it’s hottest day on record – ever. It was 46degrees celsius which translates to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. That is hot. I really like the heat but that’s too hot even for me.

Of course that day was exceptional. I was meant to write or rather to edit Alphabet Dating yesterday but I could not think straight and as that book is set in wintery climes, well it was too much for my poor heat-addled brain to take on.

The heat has meant we’ve been hitting the beach and the Harbour a lot, which has been lovely. I thought I’d share with you a few shots I took last weekend when we were out on our boat.

Not for any reason other than it’s nice to see other parts of the world and how other people live. Well, I think it is but I am a notorious sticky-beak.


Mr Right and Other Mongrels
And while I have your attention I thought I’d let you know Mr Right and Other Mongrels is free right now Jan 18/19 2013 on Amazon











Boating, Fishing on Pittwater - Charlotte and Husband
That’s my family on the boat or off the boat in my daughter’s case.

Tree Overhanging the Pittwater

Exposed Beach Rocks
Clearly there are no oysters left…just shells.

Jetty on the Pittwater


Jenn j McLeod
1/18/2013 04:04:22 pm

Did someone say summer? You know me and the seasons. I titled the first part of House for all Seasons ‘surviving summer’. I must have known something. hope you are surviving the heat. And do I recognise good old Sydney waterways?


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