Maintaining momentum


Finding Nemo Dory Just Keep SwimmingSometimes being a writer is hard. One of the hard parts can be maintaining momentum.

Sometimes we just stall.

I haven’t blogged for over a week. Partly because my life got busy but also I just lost momentum. It happens to all of us in life across many areas (I realise there are a few freaks out there that’s not true of but I do believe they’re the exception not the rule.)

That whole “just do it” catchphrase sells a lot of sneakers but it’s also true to say that a lot fo those shoes spend more time under the bed or in the box than they do on people’s feet exercising.

I think sometimes giving ourselves permission to have a break (which I did this week) rather than feeling guilty and still doing nothing, is a much better idea. With social media, the internet and forums thrown in with everyday life, family commitments and work I think we all need a break from time to time.

Now I feel about more energised and ready to take the advice of Dory and” just keep swimming” or writing as the case may be.
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2/28/2013 09:10:13 pm

Interesting thought. I agree, Just Do It sells sneakers but sometimes in life it is better to take a break and recharge the batteries.

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