Planning a sequel


Los Angeles SunsetSometimes when writers write a book they plan a sequel or a whole series. When I wrote Mr Right and Other Mongrels I didn’t do that.

Since publishing it I’ve had lots of people ask me about a sequel and so I’m planning on writing one. It won’t be out till next year, I don’t think.
Still I need to get started on it. I have it mapped out generally but of course novels take their own twists and turns when you write them and new ideas spring forth. Quite often the characters have their own ideas and you just have to follow them on their journey.

I am planning a quick trip to L.A later this year to do some research because at the end of the novel Teddy is moving to California to host a garden makeover show.

So if you have the novel do you have any thoughts on some fun things Teddy and Allegra might get up to in L.A?

I have a few good ideas myself but I’m always open to suggestions for fun dates or even some dramas.

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Mr Right and Other Mongrels

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