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Mr Right and Other Mongrels

My first indie book has now been out in the big wide world 22 months. I guess that makes that book a toddler. It certainly has fallen over and scraped it’s knees along the way, more than once. I suspect it’s also resentful when I give it’s younger siblings my time but that may be another post.

When I had my daughter (back in the day!) I joined a mother’s group. They were like a support group for me. They got me out of the house and I could talk about my daughter and the trials of motherhood without boring my friends, who for the most part didn’t yet have children. (Ok I’m sure I did still bore them but hopefully a little less than I would have and as they largely went on to have their own kids I must not have scared them off the idea!)

Anyway, when I released my first novel I did a similar thing. I found groups of people online who wrote what I wrote, or reviewed what I wrote and started to build a lovely network of people around me with whom I could discuss writing and books and writing comedy and writing chicklit and writing contemporary romance.

If you follow my blog at all you’ll probably see that I’ve done cover reveals, interviews and guest posts from lots of wonderful authors. I’ve been involved in group promotions and give-aways as well.

Lots of these people have reciprocated and hosted me or retweeted my sale days, new releases etc,

So every so often (it’ll be like totally random) I’m going to just alert you to the books of some of these people.

I’ll just pop a cover or two up here as suggestions of nice people who write books who might appreciate you downloading their book and having a read. They won’t all be women’s fiction but lots will be because that’s who I write for and who I seem to mostly have connected with.

If you read and enjoy their books let me know – or even better – let them know. Authors love that!

The Smartest Girl in the Room - CoverThis is Deb’s first book. Guess where Deb lives? Boston. She may have lived very close to where I did my high school exchange back in the day.














A Proper Charlie - Louise Wise - CoverThis is one of Louise Wise’s books. You can tell by the title she’s English, right? Also her book is on sale for 99c right now.








Deborah Nam-Krane
9/4/2013 09:10:07 pm

You are too much! Thank you 😀

And I never joined those mothers things- the cliquishness of them always scared me off. I have much kinder things to say about the circles you and I run in 😉

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