Musical Monday – songs that make you smile and tap your toes!


A Fair Exchange - CoverAfter my week away I’m in a pretty good mood, even if it is a Monday.

A Fair Exchange will be out on April 1st. That’s something to smile about. (And it has a fun cover too, right?)

I’ve finished a short story for an anthology coming out in May, minus the polishing of course.

I’m writing a novella that I hope will be out mid-year. For some reason this one is really flowing so I’m just going with it.

And I’ve also started another novel that I’m really enjoying. The idea came before my strip and the location is the Whitsunday Islands so I got started on that when I was away.

So on this Musical Monday here are a couple of upbeat songs to keep your toes tapping.

This first song Groove is in The Heart, is an old favourite of mine. It reminds me of one of my most amazing friends (who I loosely based the character of Justin on in Mr Right and Other Mongrels).

And another oldie – I’m a long standing Kylie Minogue fan and this song is just plain fun. (I may have owned gold hotpants back in the day, not quite this short though and ironically I wore them to see Madonna not Kylie, but that’s another story). Anyway I feel upbeat and productive so the lyrics to this seem to fit.

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