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Georgiana Louis1. What was the inspiration for your story?
A submission call actually. Specifying that the story needed to be 12-25K, sweet, with a Christmas theme and Regency period. I had never written a ‘true sweet’ story before, but as I am with most things in writing I thought- ‘why not?’

2. When did you take up writing?
About 5 years ago actually, though more seriously 3 years ago,
and really intensely for the past 6 months.

3. How important is setting/place in your writing?
Very- it sets the tone for everything, especially when you are writing a period piece like this one. It sets the rules of society, the expectations, everything.

4. Do you have a favourite character (s) in your current story?
I love the heroine. She’s sweet but feisty and goes after what she wants.

5. What’s the best piece of writing advice you were ever given?
Julia Quinn told me on Facebook to join RWA , which lead me onto the Facebook page and into some awesome groups that have inspired me, helped me and kept me writing.

6. Do you have a schedule for writing?
Yes, every night. As soon as my two daughters are asleep. I write as long as I can.

7. Are you a plotter or someone who tends to wing it?
Totally wing it. I used to plot. And I still would if I wrote longer stories but since my average story now is about 20K, I can wing it.

8. Can you name three of four or your current favourite books?
Yes, but none of them are currently published, Smiles. I tend to read a lot of my friends work when we’re critting.

9. Can you tell me a little bit about what you are working on now?
Now? I’ve just finished my first draft of a short contemporary romance that I’m writing for a submission call that Entangled Publishing put out. It’s for the ‘One night in’ call. Which, in short, is a story that involves a one night
stand, a ticking clock and a happily ever after. Not an easy task.

10. What advice would you give to a fledgling writer to assist them on their journey?
Number one, don’t give up. And number two, join some groups, in real life or on facebook. Talk to writers, editors, publishers, anyone you can get your hands on.

You can find Georgiana’s books at:
Ellie's Gentleman - Cover

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