Maintaining Momentum on #MusicalMonday


Monique McDonell Books and ChampagneAnother Monday rolls around.
I missed the last couple but the end of summer and back to school activities distracted me and something had to give. That’s life isn’t it? It always feels like something has to give.

The truth is my one and only child entered Yr9 (9th grade) and every time I think of the fact she has only 4 more years of school and will soon be 18, well I feel a little bit sick inside. The truth is time is flying by at an alarming rate and as I’m powerless to stop that I find the need to balance any decisions I make about how I spend my time around that disturbing notion. I don’t think I’ll look back and think “I wish I’d written a blog post rather than taking my daughter to lunch” and if I do, I can live with that.

What I haven’t let slide is my commitment to writing #1000wordsaday. As you can see by my slightly faulty counter (I need to find a new one – let’s add that to the to-do list) I have managed 44,000 words since January first. That includes a novella, extra scenes in Book 2 in the Upper Crust Series and the same on books I write under a nom de plume.

I’m an all or nothing girl. I’m in or I’m out. That’s me, for better or worse. Some days I have written 3,000 words that’s true but mostly I’ve just tried to consistently write the 1,000 words every day.

A couple of tips if you are doing this:
– it easier if you don’t skip a day
– stopping in the middle of a scene can mean you don’t struggle when you start again
– editing is a separate thing so don’t use that as a reason/excuse to not write
– a little bit of caffeine never goes astray (and a glass of wine will probably stop you in your tracks)
– being a member of the Facebook group I set up has been essential to my success, accountability helps.(Feel free to join).

I was hoping to have Book 2 in the Upper Crust Series out in February but I’m bumping it back to March. The world won’t end but the book will be better for it.

I’m actually working on Book 4 in the series and I saw a song on Rage last night. (Australians will know what Rage is). Leave me home alone and I will stay up till 2am reading and watching Rage…my inner 18 year old is determined to live on. Now of course I can’t find the band anywhere…2am brain is not the best one…so instead I give you this one of my always makes me happy songs.

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