Why did I write Any Way You Slice It, or what do Piper and I have in common?


Any Way You Slice It - 99c Sale Promo - Upper Crust SeriesUsually when I talk about my books I alwyas say, the main character is nothing like me but we have something in common.

That’s not true for Piper from Any Way You Slice It and I. well, we are both Australian and we do both have redhair but I’m not sure that’s enough to claim a kinship.

The idea for this novella came about when I read a popular romance novel with a marriage of convenience in it and it made me really annoyed. In the book the main character went from a successful business woman to a simpering idiot in the space of about a chapter. And I wanted to throw my book across the room.

Even if you agreed to marry someone for money, which this character had (though no hanky panky of course), simply because you had financial problems that needed fixing and people relying on you financially, that doesn’t mean all over a sudden you would turn in to a quivering spineless puddle of custard, I didn’t think.

It annoyed the feminist in me. I believe in happy ever after, I just don’t think you should change who you are to get it and so the fact that character did annoyed the snot out of me. How could she be happy if she was compromised? If she wasn’t true to herself it wasn’t going to be a happy life was it?

I read that book on a Sunday and got up Monday morning and pumped out 5,000 words of Any Way You Slice It. I wanted to write a character who decided to marry for convenience but very much on her terms. I wrote the whole first draft in two weeks and then I sent it to a few readers and they all liked it.

That’s how this story came to be. My marriage was definitely not one of convenience, in fact my life has been a largely inconvenient one since the day I met my lovely husband, but I suppose what Piper and I have in common is we’re both true to ourselves, we both believe in love and we both can’t quite believe it when things turn out better than we might have imagined.

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